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10 Minutes with: Hampton Sun Founder Salvatore Piazzolla

Alexandra Evjen

June 2, 2015


Why can’t sun protection be as luxurious as the rest of your skin care? Drugstore sunscreens can certainly underwhelm. “The glamour, beauty, and allure of sunbathing is missing,” says Hampton Sun founder Salvatore Piazzolla—and we couldn’t agree more! For an insider’s take, we chatted with Piazzolla about SPF myths, Summers in Southampton, and why sunscreen can be fabulous, too.

Hampton Sun Founder Salvatore Piazzolla
Hampton Sun Founder Salvatore Piazzolla

What started your devotion to sun protection?
Poolside at our house in Southampton, the idea came after a round of mojitos. The impetus was a basket filled with sunscreens; not a single one looked or felt luxurious, nor offered benefits beyond protection. Thus, Hampton Sun was born. Our standards are high: the finest ingredients, the silkiest formulas, the most advanced technology, the chicest packaging, and the highest protection with skin care benefits.

What’s new this Summer?
A beautiful Sunless Tanning Mist. It takes everything lovely about our Sunless Tanning Gel—streak-free finish, gorgeous scent, naturally stunning color—and puts it into a fast-drying clear mist. It’s genius; just glow and go!

Hampton Sun Sunless Tanning Mist
Hampton Sun Sunless Tanning Mist

Can you tell us about the Privet Bloom?
The ubiquitous Hamptons flower, the ever-fragrant Privet Bloom, is our signature scent. Named after the flowered privacy hedges synonymous with the Hamptons lifestyle, it’s a delicate, captivating scent. Unlike any other floral aroma, it touches upon crisp, green notes unexpected in a “floral” fragrance. It’s reminiscent of a perfect Summer day in the Hamptons.

Hampton Sun Privet Bloom Eau de Parfum
Hampton Sun Privet Bloom Eau de Parfum

How does Southampton culture influence your collection?
The Hamptons is where the beauty of nature meets casual elegance. There’s nothing like a beautiful sunny day spent at the beach, strolling through town, or lounging by the pool. When in the Hamptons, you can enjoy the best qualities of life, but with a uniquely subtle sophistication. That’s what we’ve bottled up.

Favorite beach?
Absolutely Cooper’s Beach. It’s a Hamptons classic and we feel right at home there.

Common misconception about sun protection?
Some people believe sunscreen should only be worn in the Summertime, when actually you should be protected from the sun year-round. Our oil-free continuous mists and SPF 15 Super Hydrating Face Cream are easy ways to protect yourself 365 days a year. Another misconception is that all sunscreens feel tacky and gooey, but we pride ourselves on the incredible experience of wearing our products. To those most wary-of-SPF naysayers: we promise, you’ll love it.

How do you decide what active ingredients to use?
We work with our world-renowned chemist to ensure every ingredient is carefully chosen for its effectiveness and feel. We make selections keeping in mind high-powered protection and water resistance, as well as the ingredient’s ability to mix well with vitamins and moisturizers. Our dedication to advanced SPF technology is noticed not only by our loyal customers, but also by top New York City dermatologist Lance Brown, M.D. who highly recommends our products.

What’s in your beach tote?
My Havaianas, favorite baseball cap, and our SPF 35 Continuous Mist Sunscreen. It’s so easy to apply and I still find the scent intoxicating. And of course, my iPhone® with all my music. There’s nothing more relaxing than listening to my favorite tunes watching the waves crash.

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