Conversation with: Kendall + Kylie - Neiman Marcus

Conversation with: Kendall + Kylie

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April 4, 2016


Chic, confident, and on-trend—the Kendall + Kylie for Neiman Marcus capsule collection is an unmistakable reflection of the iconic sisters and designing duo.

For their latest contemporary collection, the ever-classic Kendall and always-edgy Kylie introduced powder blue, white, and black into everything from A-line skirts to lace jumpsuits. In anticipation of what’s to come, we sat down with the Jenner sisters to learn about the exclusively curated collection that will be available April 7 #onlyatNM.

Kendall + Kylie board

Neiman Marcus: You’re both busy women with a lot going on. At what point did you decide to add “designer” to your long list of credentials?

Kendall: Kylie and I are obviously very passionate about the industry. It has been really rewarding to learn so many different roles, both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. Our fans love our style, and this next step in our journey—as the creative forces behind our brand—really allows us to share our inspiration with them.

NM: Your latest collection breathes modern femininity. What inspired your Spring 2016 looks?

Kylie: We take a lot of inspiration from our personal aesthetics—what we like to wear, and how we feel our girl would like to dress. Kendall is more classic and chic, and I like to dress darker with an edge. There’s a great mix between both our styles.

NM: Talk us through your creative process. How do you start a collection?

Kylie: We have an amazing creative team we work with to help push our ideas and bring them to life. Kendall and I spend hours getting inspired and creating mood boards. We look at everything—from colors and silhouettes to trends and fabrics. We want to take in as much as we can so we can have a clear idea of how we will bring the collection together.

Kendall + Kylie board

NM: We can’t wait for the #onlyatNM capsule collection. What was the process behind designing these pieces exclusive to Neiman Marcus?

Kendall: We’ve always loved the Neiman Marcus brand, so being able to make something special for NM shoppers is really exciting. Our #onlyatNM collection is a twist on a lot of our favorite vintage pieces we already own. We got to dig through our closets and figure out how to do our own modern take on outfits that fit our personal style. We paid attention to the details—the tailoring, trims, and high-quality fabrics. It was an opportunity to create pieces more elevated than anything we’ve ever done before.

NM: You two have very contrasting, unique personalities. How did you ensure your collection was an equal reflection of you both?

Kylie: Even though Kendall and I have different styles, we have similar tastes. There’s nothing she wears that I wouldn’t. Having us both in the room and being vocal about what we like—and what we don’t—really helps us create the perfect balance in the design studio. We’re not shy about speaking our minds, but we still respect each other’s point of view.

Kendall + Kylie model

NM: Can you give us any hints about what’s to come for future Kendall + Kylie collections?

Kendall: We’ll definitely expand our contemporary clothing and shoe collections—who knows, there might be some accessories on the way, too!

Shop the Kendall + Kylie for Neiman Marcus capsule collection on April 7, #onlyatNM.

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