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10 Minutes with: La Mer Global Skin Advisor Joanna Czech

Neiman Marcus

October 16, 2015


If there were a person to whom you could trust your skin completely, it would be Dallas-based top aesthetician Joanna Czech. Not only is she the Global Skincare Advisor for La Mer, her spa’s clientele includes A-Listers like Kirsten Dunst, Christy Turlington and Anna Wintour. With the exclusive launch of the newest antiaging Genaissance de La Mer serum at NM, we are thrilled to announce that Czech will be visiting select NM stores to share her expertise with clients. We couldn’t help but ask her for a few beauty-insider secrets, recommended skincare essentials for day and night, and the right way to include the extraordinary Genaissance serum in our beauty routine.

Joanna Czech
Joanna Czech

NM: What has been your experience using Genaissance de La Mer, both for your clients and yourself? What changes have you seen in your skin?
JC: This product works very quickly. Lines and wrinkles are diminished, and the skin’s texture is visibly smoothed. My complexion looks more even-toned.

NM: In a nutshell, how would you describe Crystal Miracle Broth and what it does for one’s skin?
JC: This is the purest concentration of La Mer’s revolutionary Miracle Broth. It infuses skin with a burst of energy, helping to renew the look of the skin with potent speed.

NM: At what age should one start using Genaissance de La Mer?
It is antiaging, and I would recommend beginning to use it in your late twenties as a preventative step.

NM: Because this is such a potent serum, how many times a week should one apply it?
JC: It is potent but not aggressive. I would recommend using it every night.

NM: Tell us about your ideal morning skincare routine:
JC: I use La Mer The Mist followed by Genaissance de La Mer, The Illuminating Eye Gel and the SPF Tinted Moisturizer.


NM: How about your nighttime skincare routine?
JC: The evening is the most important time for a proper routine. I start with La Mer Cleansing Oil followed by La Mer The Tonic. I then apply the La Mer Illuminating Eye Gel and Genaissance de La Mer. Also 2-3 times per week, I use a mask either in place of my moisturizer or right before my moisturizer. I tend to fall asleep with the La Mer Lifting and Revitalizing Mask on my face.

NM: What are some of the most common skincare mistakes that women make?
JC: 1. Over-exfoliating and/or not paying attention to nighttime hygiene and routine.
2. Forgetting about décolleté, hands and neck.
3. Following a friend’s skincare routine that may be completely wrong for you.

NM: Can you share a La Mer beauty tip from all your years of treating clients with different skin types?
JC: Keep your La Mer products in the refrigerator for a couple of reasons: When the algae is first harvested, it is kept on ice to begin the fermentation process that forms the Miracle Broth for the first 48 hours. The cold temperature improves the product’s efficacy while also preventing puffiness.

NM: If there is one product everyone should always have…
JC: It is the original Crème de La Mer; this multipurpose wonder cream can be used on face, body and eye area.

Have a question for Joanna Czech? Meet her at NM Newport Beach (Oct. 23), Beverly Hills (Oct. 24), San Francisco (Oct. 30), Houston (Nov. 4) and Dallas NorthPark (Nov. 6).


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