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Lana Jewelry New Spellbound Collection

Regina Campbell

November 13, 2013


Lana Bramlette founded Lana Jewelry when she couldn’t find a gold plate necklace with the name of her significant other anywhere in the jewelry market. Fast-forward eleven years, and she’s called the ‘queen of hoops’ with a a full line of predominately gold pieces, never strong enough to overpower the woman wearing them, but unique enough to make her stand out.

Lana Bramlette
Lana Bramlette

Bramlette is now venturing into precious jewelry with the new stone-filled Spellbound collection. “What’s great about my stone pieces is that they blend back into my collection since they have the obvious Lana look of the chains,” says Bramlette. When it comes to the color and stone palette, the sky is the limit. Thailand and India-sourced pink sapphires, moonstones, onyxes and lapis are wrapped in delicate gold chains forming striking pendant necklaces, dangling earrings and oversized rings, while still embracing her classic gold hoops. “When I design it has to be comfortable, it has to be subtle, and it has to be easy to wear. I want to create pieces that become your favorite thing, so you don’t have to think about it,” says Bramlette when asked about her customers and how she brings the Lana’s pieces into their everyday lifestyles.

Spellbound Collection
Spellbound Collection

The designer’s own favorites from Spellbound are the semi-precious doublets of moonstone and black onyx, which create a beautiful shade of blue that she describes as mystical and almost hypnotizing. “The key for a successful piece is the balance between the chain, the stone and the empty space,” explains Bramlette. We definitely have our eyes on the turquoise and pink sapphire dangling earrings – big enough to make a statement, and light enough to blend effortlessly into any day-to-night look.

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