Conversation with: Lubov Azria of Herve Leger at NYFW SS16 - Neiman Marcus

Conversation with: Lubov Azria of Herve Leger at NYFW SS16

Neiman Marcus

November 4, 2015


As wife and muse to Max Azria, Chief Creative Officer of their company, enthusiastic patron of the arts, and mom and stepmom to six, Lubov Azria is the embodiment of the Herve Leger woman. We caught up with Lubov backstage at the label’s Spring 2016 show, which coincided with its 30th anniversary, to talk about how far Herve Leger has come and what the future has in store.

NM: We are so excited to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Herve Leger. How do you embrace the heritage of the brand year after year?

LA: It’s very easy for me because I get to embrace everything we’ve done. But in the past, it’s been about dissecting where we’ve come from and just move forward. This year of our celebration we are thinking about going forward and evolving.

We’ve never done pants before—can you imagine? We are working with bandages, and we are working with knits. You know, we don’t use any woven fabrics. We are using a lot of new techniques: jacquard, plated jacquard, weaving. We are doing macramé that’s really amazing. We have gorgeous beading! Like I was just explaining, the clothes have these origami-like triangles that are all done with knotting.

A new look in the SS16 collection
A new look in the SS16 collection

NM: One of the things we at NM love about you is that you are a mother and a workingwoman. Does having millennial children involved in social media influence your work?
LA: It absolutely does. We talk about it all the time! They are writing the story for the first time, and now someone else is writing it for you. It’s very important to communicate in a way that is inspirational, current and relevant.

Lubov Azria with models.
Lubov Azria with models.

NM: How has the Herve Leger woman evolved throughout the years?

LA: You are going to see her. She’s in the back, there are 300 of them outside (at the Spring 2016 runway show). They all are elite clients, and they’re absolutely amazing. They’re not necessarily evolving—they’re enjoying their lives, and they are celebrating. Before, they would get one dress. Now, there’s the ability for them to re-create themselves in the brand’s signature styles.

NM: And wear pants now!

Herve Leger SS16
Herve Leger SS16

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