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10 Minutes with: Maria Canale

Regina Campbell

January 10, 2015


It’s that time of the year again – awards season has begun! The People’s Choice Awards this past Wednesday marked the beginning of an ongoing online conversation about red carpet trends, culminating with the Academy Awards in late February. We’ve been speculating on what our fave celebrities will sport during the Golden Globes this Sunday. In addition to the gowns and beauty looks in everyone’s radar, jewelry will play a crucial role in the overall impact.

As brands open their doors to celebs and stylists , we can’t help but wonder what Maria Canale for Forevermark is offering VIPs this weekend. While Canale cannot spare any details about “who’s wearing what,” she can show us the newly launched statement pieces for her spring collection and the trends she’s expecting to see on the red carpet this season. Read our chat with her, and follow us on Twitter for our live red carpet commentary this Sunday. And be sure to check back with us on Monday for our favorite red carpet looks.

Pastiche necklace
Pastiche necklace

NM: What should celebrities consider when picking out jewelry for major red carpet events?
MC: Of course, you must always consider neckline and hairstyle, and choose the pieces that work best. But on the red carpet, it’s all about impact! The simplest of pieces worn well can have an amazing effect. Jennifer Lawrence wore a simple diamond chain a couple of years ago to the Academy Awards, but she draped it down her back – and it was fabulous! One of the signatures of my collection is versatility – from my 36-inch diamond necklace that breaks apart into a necklace and two bracelets to the adjustable necklace that can be worn with any neckline and the long tassels can drape down your back.

Convertible diamond necklace
Convertible diamond necklace

NM: What new jewelry trends do you wish to see in the red carpet this season?
MC: Love the wire on collars and cuffs! My hinged versions from the Aster collection are easy and fun!

Aster collar and bange, and Pastiche earrings.
Aster collar and bange, and Pastiche earrings.

NM: Describe one of your favorite red carpet moments.
MC: At last year’s Academy Awards Jennifer Garner wore my Madison ring with yellow diamonds. I have such respect for her as a person and a mother, and was honored to have her wear my jewelry.

Jennifer Garner at the 2014 Academy Awards.
Jennifer Garner at the 2014 Academy Awards.

NM: How would you style the stunning pieces of your Pyramid collection?
MC: A strapless white dress with collar and cuff! Very Art Deco!

Pyramide collection
Pyramide collection

NM: Are long necklaces the new “it” pieces for black tie events?
MC: Long Necklaces are great on every woman and an easy casual way to wear lots of diamonds. When attending a red carpet event, always feel confident and never go without diamonds!

NM: Do you believe that more is always more when it comes to fine jewelry?
MC: No, I always believe LESS IS MORE. One great pair of earrings, one amazing cuff!!

NM: Does your phone usually start ringing with orders after the Golden Globes or the Oscars?
MC: Customers love to see the jewelry that was worn on the red carpet. It gives the pieces context and brings them to life!

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