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The Mindful Touch with Natura Bissé

Nicole Jordan

May 15, 2017


Since launching in 1979, Barcelona skincare legend Natura Bissé has become universally recognized for its results-driven products and state-of-the-art spa treatments.


And its latest doesn’t disappoint. The new Mindful Touch facial—combining a skincare ritual with mindfulness and virtual reality—is unlike any other. (Yours truly can testify; I was lucky enough to experience it.)

“We incorporated mindfulness because we believe that beauty isn’t only a matter of appearance but of general well-being,” says Josanna Gaither, education and aesthetic director for Natura Bissé. “Our thoughts tend to be quite scattered and are never 100% in the now. With mindfulness, we help people forget the stress and concerns they have outside of the facial room.”


Enter Natura Bissé’s bubble, containing 99.95% pollution-free pure air, and your facial has begun.

You’ll start with a virtual-reality video that instructs you to focus on breathing, body sensations, and remaining in the moment. Once you are fully relaxed and anchored in the present, the skincare treatment commences.

Products are tailored to meet each individual’s unique needs—my skin was dry, so hydration was key—but aestheticians are trained to ask questions and actively listen so they understand your skin and can customize product selection accordingly.


As the treatment ensues, audio prompts remind you to stay in the now, so you stay relaxed throughout the entire experience.

“The Mindful Touch creates a new path in the beauty industry in which technology and mindfulness are perfectly combined with human touch,” says Gaither. “With our fast-moving lifestyle, stopping and unwinding has become essential to maintaining personal balance.”


The Mindful Touch is offered at Neiman Marcus stores across the country. Call your nearest NM for more information.

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