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Conversation with: MSGM’s Massimo Giorgetti

Regina Campbell

May 27, 2014


Italian fashion is not only synonymous with craftsmanship and high fashion, it also represents a nest for young fashion-forward individuals. Among these new Italian designers to watch out for is Massimo Giorgetti, a DJ-turned-fashion designer, who launched MSGM in 2009. The artistic, fresh and ironic sensibility of this Milan-based brand reflects its creator and his cultural surroundings juxtaposed with our digital world, where there’s more information and data than we would ever be able to consume. MSGM is certainly making noise in our CUSP departments, so who’s better than Giorgetti himself to walk us through its DNA and tell us about the inspiration for his color-fueled collections?

Massimo Giorgetti
Massimo Giorgetti

NM: How do you think that your brand has evolved since it launched in 2009?

MG: In 2009, presenting a collection with psychedelic prints done by computer and in fluorescent colors was the secret to MSGM’s immediate success. Also, right from the beginning we wanted to create a contemporary collection, which wasn’t something very common in Italy at the time, and to communicate straightway, considering the impact that social networks were having. I think the market was waiting for a product like ours, as many young people were already getting ideas from the internet rather than from the pages of magazines.
MSGM is really created for a young public that adores fashion but isn’t a slave to designer labels, a public that likes to dare and likes to be noticed.

NM: What’s your idea of the MSGM girl?

MG: My girl is young and loves fashion with a capital F. She’s very fashionable without being a fashion victim. She’s extremely informed and in touch with everything. She’s a girl that is both courageous and irreverent, a bit like the MSGM collection. I have a passion for Alexa Chung – she is beautiful! I really like to see my outfits on “it” girls, bloggers and stylists; they really represent the fashion world of tomorrow.

MSGM Spring 2014
MSGM Spring 2014

NM: What was in your radar when you were designing MSGM’s spring collection?

MG: Hollywood in 1934, “Don the Beachcomber” opens up. Tiki, bizarre mix of primitivism and beach culture mania, becomes all the rage. Hawaii vs. Los Angeles, Honolulu vs. Miami, Lifestyle vs. Jet Set. Hibiscus prints and paisley create a kaleidoscopic explosion of patterns. That was my inspiration!

MSGM Spring 2014
MSGM Spring 2014

NM: Prints, color and textures are such strong elements of your brand. We love your 3-D prints. Are these the starting point of your collections?

MG: I started MSGM in a period of a big international crisis, and MSGM was able to adopt happiness, serenity and cheerfulness. MSGM is the mix of patterns and prints, mostly for the stamps themselves, but also for the way I mix them together combining colors and shapes that in paper do not go together, but in my collections they do! I think that prints represent my life and my state of mind. Life is never black and white, the patterns represent a mix of what goes on nowadays; there is confusion with sense. For the Spring-Summer 2014 collection we choose amazing color combinations, like chocolate with pink, turquoise and beige safari with orange beak with mint green.

NM: What’s an essential MSGM piece every girl should own this spring?

MG: From the Spring-Summer 2014 collection, I think that every woman should buy the pareo skirt, crop tops and chevron raffia skirts paired to a white men’s shirt.

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 10.36.41 AM

NM: How’s working in fashion in such an exciting epicenter as is Milan?

MG: Milan is a town where under the same sky can cohabit luxury, fashion, contemporary collections, art, design…here there’s a place for everything that embodies creativity!

NM: What are the biggest influences in your career as a fashion designer?

MG: Walter Albini just for its intolerance to limitation.

NM: What’s on you playlist right now?

MG: St. Vincent – “Digital Witness”
Stromae (album Racine Carrée) – “Tous les Mêmes”

MSGM Pre-Fall 2014
MSGM Pre-Fall 2014

NM: What can we look forward to seeing this fall from MSGM?

MG: The Fall-Winter 2014 collection is based on Gerhard Richter’s colors, his spatulated paintings, the scratched or marbled effects, the splattered, the colorful surfaces that gave birth to out-and-out fabrics; Dario Catellani’s black-and-white photos of beauty become fabrics and prints; Luca de Gaetano’s art superimposed on a Dario Catellani photograph, his colors and his tempera become pigmented prints.

MSGM Pre-Fall 2014
MSGM Pre-Fall 2014

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Images courtesy of MSGM.

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