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Natura Bisse

10 Minutes With: Natura Bissé

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April 18, 2016


After two successful editions of Beauty Lovers Day, Natura Bissé will once again celebrate the magical event full of roses, surprises, and exclusive skincare lines on April 21 at Neiman Marcus. The occasion will share the brand’s passion and success, and introduce a special limited-edition version of the Diamond Extreme antiaging treatment.


Neiman Marcus: Tell us more about why Beauty Lovers Day is so significant to the Natura Bissé brand.

Natura Bissé: April 23 is a very significant date in Natura Bissé’s hometown, Barcelona. Saint George’s Day is a commemoration of love, culture, and legends, when books and roses are given to loved ones to show affection and care. That’s why Natura Bissé chose this festivity to be the framework of its official day. Following more than three decades of hard work and dedication, this unique event celebrates Natura Bissé’s strong commitment to beauty and skincare. In addition, it is a special occasion to remember the personal journey and core values of the one who was, and will always be, the pillar of our company, Ricardo Fisas—founder of Natura Bissé. This year, we will be celebrating Beauty Lovers Day worldwide on Thursday, April 21.

NM: Why is celebrating beauty and skincare important for women around the world?

NB: We believe that skin is a true reflection of our inner beauty. It is the very nature of Natura Bissé, as our specialists and therapists aim to provide long-lasting relationships with their clients. Beauty Lovers Day is the perfect occasion for our employees to thank them for trusting Natura Bissé and for choosing us to take care of not only their beauty, but of their skin’s health. Ours is a culture of responsible luxury for the future of skin.

NM: What can attendees expect from the Natura Bissé Beauty Lovers Day celebration at Neiman Marcus?

NB: This April 21 we will all enjoy an event full of surprises, during which roses and the most prestigious skincare lines will be the real stars. The attendees will discover the exclusive limited edition of one of our iconic products, Diamond Extreme, which goes red this year to commemorate the special day. It is an exclusive 6.7-ounce jar—a unique collector’s item—that will be available exclusively at Neiman Marcus at a very special price while supplies last. Attendees will also be able to discover the origin of our brand and the history of our founder. They will be part of a beautiful tradition with over 500 years of history born in Barcelona. A beautiful rose is waiting for all attendees, as well as a special GWP. We want to truly thank all of our clients for supporting us throughout the year. True beauty lovers should not miss this celebration!


NM: What is your favorite part of the celebration?

NB: Celebrating a day of beauty is something very special in and of itself. However, being able to celebrate a beautiful tradition of love and culture with such a long history is something extraordinary. Beauty Lovers Day is inspired by Sant Jordi, traditionally celebrated in Barcelona on April 23. Legend has it that Sant Jordi (Saint George) slayed a dragon to save a princess, and from the dragon’s blood a rose was born. From that day on, it is custom in Barcelona for men to give women red roses, and for women to give men books in return. These are simple details, but a unique way of saying, “You’re very important to me.” This is why Beauty Lovers Day is a fabulous occasion for us to say thank you to our loyal customers, to celebrate Natura Bissé’s commitment to skincare and beauty, and to gift them with a rose and free download of our company’s book, which will be available from April 18 until the end of the month at the following link: http://beautyloversday.com/en/ricardo-fisas-book.

NM: The Limited Edition Diamond Extreme treatment helps protect skin from harmful aggressors and cellular aging. Tell us more about what makes this product is so groundbreaking.

NB: The Diamond Collection was created as an innovative, global antiaging treatment for the most demanding skin types. Its products stimulate and deeply protect the skin. One of the collection’s most iconic products is Diamond Extreme, a masterfully formulated, cutting-edge treatment. This product provides a complete and effective antiaging treatment, thanks to its exclusive selection of active ingredients and its synergistic action for intense repair and firmness. Artemia Salina, for example, is included in this formulation that helps restore for healthier skin. Ideal for all skin types, this product has a dual lifting effect and helps to correct dryness, diminish expression lines and wrinkles, and redefine the facial contours.

NM: The upcoming Beauty Lovers Day marks the 10th anniversary of the Diamond Extreme antiaging cream launch. How has the formula evolved over time?

NB: This is the most amazing point. Its formula has not evolved. It was created as the most revolutionary antiaging moisturizer and, ten years later, its formula is still one of the most effective and innovative on the market. Since the beginning, the very nature of Natura Bissé has been to provide immediate and long-lasting results with its products, and to launch highly effective formulas. Diamond Extreme is the perfect example of this commitment.


NM: Who did Natura Bissé have in mind when creating the limited edition of this product?

NB: We were inspired by our most loyal customers—by all of the amazing women who feel their skin is a true reflection of their inner beauty. These women trust Natura Bissé to take care of their body’s skin. We understand the importance of skin as a reflection of health, and this continues to be our inspiration, especially for this very special limited edition. A one-year treatment designed in red, the color of love and roses, in a special jar to say thank you to all Natura Bissé women.

NM: What does the future hold for the skincare and beauty industry?

NB: We truly believe that a new concept of luxury has been born, which will determine the future of the skincare industry. Luxury has become a higher value—not just things that we want to own, but things that we crave in order to be happy. Time, for example. Our clients know the definable luxury of having the most effective skincare regime personalized to their concerns and their time. And that’s the reason why each of our products and experiences are a reflection of our unwavering commitment to their desires and expectations. New luxury is measured by the appearance of the skin.


NM: What type of product can we expect in the next Natura Bissé collection?

NB: It will impress women with the most demanding skin types. It will be an extremely innovative skincare product—based on high technology and science. We know that we must always be one step ahead, and that to achieve this goal it is necessary to invest in innovation and concentrate all our resources on producing the most effective skincare on the market, along with unforgettable experiences. From the very beginning, Natura Bissé has worked through word of mouth. It’s a fact that many who try our products become obsessed, and our upcoming launch will not be an exception. Imagine waking up with the skin of your dreams!

Join us to be part of the celebration and shop the Diamond Extreme collection on Beauty Lovers Day this April 21 #onlyatNM. Shop the Limited Edition Diamond Extreme treatment here.

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