Nicole Jordan

October 6, 2016


Israeli-born designer Kobi Halperin worked for nearly two decades at houses including Elie Tahari and Kenneth Cole before launching his eponymous collection last year. This season, he’s introducing an exclusive eveningwear capsule “for the woman who celebrates getting dressed every day.”


How did you know the time was right to launch your own label?

Timing is everything. I believe that in today’s climate, with rise of social media, customers are looking to discover new brands. It’s a very exciting time to be a “new designer.” I felt prepared to take the steps that would allow me to express myself, stay true to my aesthetic, and design for the woman that I’m attached to.

Who is that woman?

She’s confident about how she puts things together. There’s an effortlessness in how she dresses. She loves fashion but isn’t a victim to it. She understands quality and appreciates unique design and workmanship.

How do you describe the Kobi Halperin aesthetic?

There’s a European sensibility and a handcrafted feel. Beauty is in the imperfections, and I love that my clothes feel as though someone really touched them. I like my pieces to feel special.

Tell us about the exclusive capsule for NM.

It feels like a natural progression. I started my career designed dresses, and it has always been a passion of mine. I’m very excited to be able to dress women for special occasions.


What inspired the collection?

The traditional folkloric costumes from Gregor Hohenberg’s Traditional Couture. I was inspired by the notion that clothes are a powerful source of self-expression.

What are your top styling tips for women? 

Dress up, but don’t underestimate comfort. You need to feel comfortable and at ease. Also, keep your outfits balanced; don’t fall victim to over accessorizing. Lastly, don’t buy only for the name. Choose pieces you love and that express who you are—that’s the ultimate way to be chic.

What few pieces should every woman own?

A great black dress, a soft silk blouse, a perfect pair of black pants, and antique gold jewelry.


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