Conversation with: Nina Ricci's Peter Copping - Neiman Marcus

Conversation with: Nina Ricci’s Peter Copping

Regina Campbell

October 15, 2013


Nina Ricci designer Peter Copping presented his Spring 2014 collection in Paris less than three weeks ago. Last week, Copping debuted the white lace-infused collection at two Neiman Marcus stores – Houston and the Dallas-based Flagship. NM customers exclusively pre-ordered pieces from the Spring 2014 collection while toasting the designer’s work during an afternoon lunch. In between Copping’s store presentations, he found time to visit the Texas State Fair. “I thought it was more of an agriculture fair with tons of animals, but it was a fun fair. I went with Nicola from Ricci and he was the wrong person to go with – he didn’t want to go on any rides!”

Click the image to view the Peter Copping at NM slideshow!

NM: For the Spring 2014 Collection you were inspired by the romance of the 18th century, particularly men’s wear. Tell us about that.

PC: I liked the idea of referencing men’s wear in the collection, but I thought I wanted to go back to a period when men themselves were very romantic. The men’s wear influences appear subtlety throughout the collection – in the cut of dress coats, long coats and embellishments. I never really like a collection to feel too thematic.

NM:The attention-to-detail throughout your Spring 2014 collection is incredible. Describe the technique behind the pleated leather pieces. You can’t tell they are leather unless you look closely.

PC: Yes, exactly. You don’t really know if it’s leather or not, because we aren’t used to seeing pleated leather. We had to research a very lightweight lamb leather that is very similar to what you use for leather gloves.

NM: Is there a standout piece in this collection that is a particular favorite of yours?

PC: I think it would have to be the long white lace dress. We had to select different types of lace that go together. Initially we applied flower-print ruffles but that was a bit much so we decided to go all white. Sometimes it’s difficult to achieve the vision in your head. Working with the team, I have to make people do things again and again, but in the end it’s worth it.

NM: Are you influenced by street style? Aside from beautiful gowns there are also many casual, effortless pieces.

PC: Yes, I think it’s important to throw those pieces in there, otherwise Nina Ricci might be perceived as a niche. In every collection there are elements from men’s wear, easy pencil skirts and pants. I think there are definitely a lot of pieces that women can wear everyday.

NM: Nina Ricci is a staple of Parisian style and fashion, how does it shift as you come to America and see your American clients?

PC: I think Parisian style appeals to women all over the world. There is this sort of effortless quality in the way they put themselves together. And what I’ve picked up on is that women really enjoy clothes, they really enjoy dressing up, and I think that’s fantastic!

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