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Pretty Pink: The David Yurman Stax Collection

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October 14, 2016


Author: Annabelle Fleur – The Viva Luxury

I’ve always believed that accessories make the outfit! They can transform an ordinary outfit into an extraordinary one—and for me, the one accessory that plays the most important part in this transformation is jewelry.

Why is jewelry so important to me? Well, I always felt that jewelry and clothing work together to define the look and the feel of an outfit, creating that perfect finishing touch that gives your ensemble polish and sophistication. In fact, jewelry is such an integral part of my sartorial identity, it is often a starting point when I style a look, and today’s outfit is a great example of that.

The inspiration behind this particular look was the beautiful jewelry from David Yurman’s Stax Collection. From the moment I saw it, I fell in love with how classic yet decidedly contemporary it is, and also because I felt that each and every piece was incredibly delicate, feminine, modern, and polished!

So, when I began styling this outfit, I wanted it to reflect the look and the feel of the Stax Collection—which is why I combined incredibly feminine pieces, like a slip dress and velvet pumps, with contemporary ones, like a trench coat and an edgy bag.

Color also plays an important part when I style outfits. Something about the combination of steel gray, soft pink and black feels very modern at the moment and I love the way gray and black add a touch of strength to this otherwise very feminine shade of pink, which I felt was quite reminiscent of the way the Stax Collection combines delicate hand-set pavé diamonds with a contemporary elegant link chain.

This post was brought to you by David Yurman at Neiman Marcus and ShopStyle.

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