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Conversation With: Rachel Zoe

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February 27, 2016


This Oscars’ Eve you can find Rachel Zoe drinking lots of water and adamantly moisturizing, but it’s the preparation in the days leading up to the coveted event that make her celebrity clientele radiate on the red carpet. We sat down with the designer, businesswoman, and writer to learn about how she and her clients prepare for one of the biggest nights of the year.

Rachel Zoe

NM: How do you begin preparing for an event like the Oscars?

RZ: I prepare for the Oscars the same way I prepare for Fashion Week. It’s so important to stay hydrated. I drink lots of water and herbal teas, use extra moisturizer, and anything to de-puff! Also, you absolutely do not want to get sick — take your vitamins!

NM: What impact do you feel the Oscars have on the upcoming year for fashion?

RZ: I think, more than anything, we take beauty and hair inspiration from the red carpet. When someone debuts an unexpected makeup or hair trend — a braid, side swept do, new lip shade, etc. — the look is sometimes referenced for years to follow. It’s a fun way to incorporate red carpet glamour into an everyday look.

NM: How does a client’s personality and signature style impact a gown selection?

RZ: I definitely take into account personality and personal style when selecting a red carpet look. I also like to consider the character or persona that they are trying to convey, maybe even something that mirrors their on screen character. But all in all, the goal is always to feel like the best version of yourself.

NM: How does your styling update for a first time Oscars attendee compared to a veteran attendee?

RZ: Typically, first time attendees are much more nervous and intimidated. It’s so important to make them feel confident.

NM: What trends are you anticipating to see on the red carpet?

RZ: We shouldn’t expect to see too many traditional ball gowns this year. Maybe a few full gowns and skirts but I’m expecting to see more body conscious dresses, embroidery, and maybe even some cut outs — more fashion risks! In terms of color, I think we are going to see whites, different shades of red and I always hope for an emerald green moment… I love the look of jewel tones.

Rachel Zoe
NM: Hard to define, we know, but what makes a “Fashion Moment” according to Rachel Zoe?

RZ: A fashion moment is when someone just gets it right. It’s a super rare thing to see, but when someone steps on to that carpet looking 100% flawless — from their dress, shoes, bag, and glam, and when they carry themselves with total confidence and grace – that’s a moment.

NM: We love your Camera Ready tips in your book, “Living In Style” – any other tips to add for the perfect red carpet photo?

RZ: Your best friend and worst enemy is always lighting! Check every angle for transparency in regard to natural light as well as a camera flash. You should also practice your walk and stance so you are able to appear natural and carry yourself with ease.

NM: Clutch must-haves for the Oscars?

RZ: Your clutch should simply complement your look, not be a distraction.

NM: What’s the last word of advice you give a client before hitting the red carpet?

RZ: Stand up straight! Remember to be aware of your posture, and make sure your dress is properly positioned when posing for photos.

NM: How can someone bring Red Carpet style into his or her everyday life?

RZ: I would recommend taking that extra five minutes when you’re getting ready in the morning — whether it’s focusing on your glam, or paying more attention to accessories. Taking that extra bit of time will help you look and feel your best.

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