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10 Minutes With: Rebecca Minkoff


February 14, 2016


Fashion Week in New York is not only one of our favorite events, but also a time to support designers and build excitement about what’s new. However, it has become increasingly apparent that the schedule may no longer be completely in tune with consumers or brands. NM Fashion Director Ken Downing embraces the need for innovation, and much to our delight, Rebecca Minkoff is one of the first designers to take the leap and show a current collection. We sat down with her to get the inside scoop.


NM: What were some of your inspirations for this collection?

RM: The inspiration behind the collection was that of the style of a modern Marianne Faithfull. As a symbol of the 1960s “youthquake,” she embodied a sweet rebellion and a new coming of age. The focus for this collection’s modern Marianne Faithfull is on accessories for the tech-minded millennial, signaling a present-day youth movement. Flowing dresses, minis, geo-floral prints, and mod-enamel jewelry recall London in the late 1960s, while fringed saddle bags, clutches, and crossbody phone cases lead the modern-day charge.


NM: You’re making this collection available for purchase immediately after the show. Tell us about your take on the “buy now, wear now” concept.

RM: Instead of showing my Fall 2016 collection, I decided to show what you can literally buy now and wear now—my Spring 2016 collection. Rather than seeing it on bloggers and celebrities and in magazines for months before you can actually shop, it will be available immediately. With this model we are meeting our consumers’ needs in a way we haven’t ever before, and that is critical.


NM: Do you think more brands will be following suit in future seasons?

RM: The fashion week model is changing and becoming more consumer-facing. Numerous brands have already adopted this new change since our announcement—which is really exciting!

NM: What’s your favorite part of Fashion Week?

RM: I love checking out all the street-style looks and bumping into old friends. It’s like a reunion!

NM: What do you think lies ahead for Fashion Week?

RM: I think we will see how crucial it is to become more and more consumer-facing. I think we’ll see some major changes over the next couple of seasons.


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