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10 Minutes with: Roger Vivier’s Bruno Frisoni

Kristen Spaulding

June 22, 2015


After more than a decade as creative director, French-born, Italian-bred, accessories designer Bruno Frisoni continues to reinvent the refined and imaginative creations of Roger Vivier. Frisoni notes his designs have evolved “from very sophisticated to a cooler kind of girl, now trying to inject more and more street wear.” This week, his Austrian-inspired Fall collection hits NM stores, and we couldn’t be more excited for the chic addition to our closets. To commemorate the occasion, Frisoni reflects on his career at Roger Vivier.

Bruno Frisoni By Rankin.
Bruno Frisoni By Rankin.

NM: I would describe my designs for Roger Vivier as…
BF: Playful, sophisticated and sexy.

NM: My design influences…
BF: Photography, art, architecture and Yves Saint Laurent.

Roger Vivier Ballerina Chips d'Orsay Flats
Roger Vivier Ballerina Chips d’Orsay Flats

NM: What does craftsmanship mean to you?
BF: Dream and creativity.

NM: The shoe design bug bit when…
BF: I didn’t realize it immediately—after designing accessories for several designers, among that, a lot of shoes. It was when I decided to launch a namesake brand in 1999 that instead of jewelry, shoes were my greatest love.

NM: First shoe I fell in love with…
BF: Maybe, Marilyn’s “The Seven Year Itch” sandals… or my mother’s 1960s beige stilettos.

NM: Describe a space in which you find it easy to create.
BF: Generally at home, because then I am alone, and there is nobody to talk or answer to.

Roger Vivier Gommette T-Shirt Stars Ballerina Flat
Roger Vivier Gommette T-Shirt Stars Ballerina Flat

NM: Best business advice received…
BF: Always have fun when creating.

NM: How does the change in seasons shape your designs?
BF: As we are getting more and more global, it’s less and less contrasted. You need sandals in the winter and boots in the summer. I believe it is more the material, lighter, or heavier, or warmer that makes the change. The silhouettes are more of a question of fashion changes, and of course, you have to consider the change in dress codes. For example, you could almost consider the sneaker as the new ballerina for some people.

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