Conversation with: Sachin & Babi - Neiman Marcus

Conversation with: Sachin & Babi

NM Social Team

March 25, 2016


With an emphasis on luxurious fabrics and couture embellishments, husband-and-wife team Sachin and Babi Ahluwalia has made its mark in the world of refined eveningwear. Here, the designers discuss their Sachin & Babi Noir capsule collection created exclusively for Neiman Marcus.


Neiman Marcus: From where do you draw inspiration when you begin a collection?

Babi Ahluwalia:
Fabric is the true birth of design, allowing you to conceptualize the silhouette and move the collection forward from there.

NM: As a design duo, how do you ensure each collection is an equal representation of both of you?

Sachin Ahluwalia:
We listen to each other’s point of view and find a happy medium.


NM: What do you enjoy most about working together?

SA: We are a team in all aspects of our lives, and we have our moments! Sometimes, it can get the better part of your marriage, and sometimes it is well worth it because you have been a part of the story together.

BA: You share the burden, and you are each other’s cheerleaders. It really is a gift to be partnered in so many aspects of our lives.


NM: The Noir capsule collection created exclusively for Neiman Marcus has such a wide variety of looks. Do you ever have a particular occasion in mind when designing a dress?

BA: Special occasion is our niche area, so a broad range of these events and moments is always on our mind when designing.

NM: What prompted you to incorporate florals and tropical prints for this #onlyatNM collection?

SA: It was already a part of our story for the season. The royal blue and canary yellow created such an emotional print that we were all attracted to, so we developed this exclusive capsule collection.

NM: Do you have any favorite pieces from Sachin & Babi Noir?

SA & BA: The “Pelican” gown!


NM: What does the future hold for upcoming Sachin & Babi collections?

BA: We are exploring the world of bridal!
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