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10 Minutes with: Sarah Jessica Parker

Regina Campbell

December 18, 2014


Carrie Bradshaw’s love for shoes is a passion shared by almost all women, especially those who love the iconic TV series and movies. Fast-forward a few years, and the launch of one particular collection is making women all over the world crazy for a pair of shoes: SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker. The SJP collection is a partnership between Parker and George Malkemus, CEO of Manolo Blahnik. The shoes are uber-feminine and fun to wear, with a timeless quality about them (check out the grosgrain stripes on the back of the shoes!).


Here at NM, we love our wonderful online selection that includes NM exclusive colorways for the Phoebe and Denise styles. Whether you are considering the Fawn or the Carrie pumps for a holiday affair this season, why not let Sarah Jessica Parker guide you? Here, she talks shopping habits, advises on this season’s must-haves, and gives us a taste of what’s to come at SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker.

Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker

NM: What SJP shoe will you be wearing this holiday season?

SJP: Do I have to choose just one? I love so many of our current styles for the holidays. The Doris in black grosgrain is a true evening silhouette that does everything you want a special-occasion shoe to do. The Brooks, a suede shoe with the most darling grosgrain detailing and a slightly lower heel, has garnered great response. And you can’t go wrong with a great metallic for the holidays. Our Fawn pump now comes in two metallic colorways, a deep blue and a vintage glass pink. With a sharp black grosgrain stripe in the back, both are stunning and divine. I know it’s “simply not done” post labor day, but I love wearing winter white, and so I’m certain to be wearing the Carrie in soft white. I love picturing it with a black velvet party dress, black trousers, a crimson skirt or any party ensemble.


NM: Is there a specific woman in mind when you are designing your shoes?

SJP: The collection was designed for all women, not for any specific one in general. I draw inspiration from those I see walking down the streets – women of all ages, in all cities and all walks of life, their style and their fashion choices. It is my hope that there is a shoe for everyone in the collection we have created.

NM: What should we expect to find in your handbag collection?

SJP: Quality, first and foremost. We handpick every leather and material for our handbags, and would never offer anything that wasn’t going to last. Also, functionality. I know how important it is for handbags to be of a size that allows women to carry what they need, even if the bag is meant to be an evening or special-occasion bag. Color has also been really important to us, as is evident in the entire collection. There is no reason a woman shouldn’t be able to carry a vibrant-colored bag to the office.

NM: Tell us about the SJP candle.


SJP: I’ve always been drawn to fragrance. And I’ve been fortunate enough to curate several of my own perfumes over the years. Creating a candle as part of this collection was something George [Malkemus] and I had dreamed of since the inception of SJP and developed with a lot of ease and great joy. The SJP Collection candle has notes of black amber, wild fig and ginger. I’ve been burning it at every opportunity, and it’s been met with nothing but lovely reactions. I want this collection to be seen as a whole and not just as singular pieces. Every single detail has been carefully considered, examined and crafted by George and me, and it is my hope that this fragrance allows a bit of us to live inside the homes of many.

NM: Would you like the collections to expand even more into home or beauty?

SJP: It is our dream to continue to expand and grow the collection in the coming years. That’s not to say we aren’t delighted with where we stand right now. Our current focus is on providing our customers with timeless, quality products, and we are beyond thrilled with what we’ve been able to offer thus far. But our imaginations are always running wild with what more is to come. Oh the possibilities!


NM: What’s the best part about interacting with your fans through social media?

SJP: Interacting with customers on social media has been incredibly rewarding, an unexpected treat. It provides a platform to personally answer any and all questions one might have about the collection, whether it is about our current collection or our future endeavors. Also, it gives us the opportunity to collect instant feedback, the good and the bad, which is so helpful for us as we continue to create and design. Perhaps the most exciting part is all of the photos that are shared each day. I see them all, and try to share and comment on as many as possible. It’s thrilling.

NM: Best style advice you have ever gotten?

SJP: “Rules? What rules?” – Pat Field

NM: Do you prefer going shopping in the streets of New York or online?

SJP: You may not believe me, but I rarely shop. And when I do, it’s a toss-up. I love to touch something, smell it and feel it before purchasing. But you can’t deny the convenience of shopping online.

Photos by Jochy Fersobe.

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