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Strap You by Fendi

NM Social Team

April 15, 2016


From customizable heels to monogrammed totes, this season is all about getting personal—but one surprising accessory is breaking the mold and expanding the made-to-order movement.

The Fendi #StrapYou collection features interchangeable handbag straps, allowing you to discover infinite style possibilities that mirror your individuality. “It’s a reflection of your own style and a great opportunity to make the handbag unique,” said Neiman Marcus Buyer Michele Schwenk.

Fendi Black

Although it’s new to the handbag world, we’re already noticing the personalization trend in pre-fall and fall looks. Nine different styles grace the #StrapYou collection, ranging from sophisticated tan leather to an appearance by Karlito himself.

So switch it up and choose a strap that matches your personality or day’s mood, and give your favorite handbag a makeover.

Fendi Tan

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