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The House of Staurino Fratelli

Kristen Spaulding

October 13, 2015


October brings the celebration of the Italian jewelry masters. Every house has its signature and every treasure a provenance. These are the creations of the Italian masters that are yours to wear, yours to own and yours to cherish. In this first installment of this series we talk to Staurino Fratelli’s creative director Davide Staurino about the history of the brand his family built.

Pietro Staurino, 1951
Pietro Staurino, 1951

NM: Where was Staurino Fratelli founded?
DS: Staurino started in Valenza, Italy, a town known in the jewelry industry known as the capital for high-end jewelry manufacturing. Valenza is in the Piedmont region of Italy, located 1 hour west of Milan, and 1 hour north of the Italian Riviera (Portofino/Cinque Terre.)

NM: Who is the Founder?
DS: The founder was Natale Staurino around 1870, our great grandfather.

NM: Tell us about the brand’s heritage.
DS: In a way we can say that the jewelry tradition in Valenza was born in our family. In the second half of the 19th century, Vincenzo Morosetti, a family member from the matriarchal branch of Staurino led the first industry of jewelry manufacturing in Valenza. At the end of 1800s Natale Staurino, a descendant of Vicenzo Morosetti, opened his first jewelry store and began selling gold and hand-crafted jewelry from his small workshop; this tradition was pursued in the early 1920s by Pietro Staurino, his nephew, who opened one of the first gold and silver production establishments in Valenza.

Staurino Fratelli workshop in the 1940s
Staurino Fratelli workshop in the 1940s

NM: Who is the creative director?
DS: Davide and Stefano Staurino (brothers)

NM: Tell us about Staurino Fratelli signature piece(s).
DS: As a company we were born as jewelers who specialized in one-of- a-kind pieces. Our collections are diverse: on one hand we have our Couture Collection (one-of-a-kind) and on the other we have Pret-a-Porter collections such as the Magic Snake Collection and the Moresca Collection, where diamonds always play a central role, and where motion of the piece is an essential and key design element in these collections.

NM: What does Staurino Fratelli specialize in?
DS: Staurino specializes in precious handcrafted jewelry exclusively Made in Italy!

NM: What metals or stones is Staurino Fratelli known for?
DS: In our 120 years of passion for the excellence in design, Staurino has evolved from a manufacturing facility for global brands, to the creation of its own brand with a strong identity and truly recognizable style. Through our history we can tap into more than a hundred years of research, design, refining techniques, and new inventions that we hold as a priceless heritage, which today guide us and help us to constantly innovate without forgetting our roots. This legacy of tradition and innovation has become our motto, and is how we approach every new project. Our design is deeply rooted in our past, and projects into the future through continuous research and applications of new technology. We continue to seek out technical innovations that make our ideas visible, adding value and meaning to our jewelry.

NM: Who’s wearing Staurino Fratelli?
DS: Hollywood elite, International philanthropists and socialites, Royal Houses (Middle East and Asia) and political figures and their wives.

NM: Does the brand have a muse?
DS: Femininity is our muse. When asked to describe our designs and the way we perceive women’s jewelry we say, “jewelry should be like an elegant pair of women’s shoes; highly fashionable, yet comfortable.” That’s why we spend long hours studying the motion of our pieces, their flexibility, and adapting that fit to correctly flow with the body. In our opinion jewelry should be a natural extension of your body, which should underline beauty and not cover it.

Engraving at Staurino Fratelli
Engraving at Staurino Fratelli

NM: Tell us how Staurino Fratelli is made.
DS: We love using different colors of gold and varied precious stones: from natural diamonds and traditional colored stones, such as emeralds, rubies and sapphires, to aquamarines, corals and other precious stones. In the past, we have also used feathers, leather and wood in the creation of some of our pieces.
Our quality is also something that we are very proud of and take very seriously. We select all our diamonds and precious stones from the most recognized certified suppliers, and control every step of our manufacturing from the initial design to the finished product entirely produced in house.

NM: Do you have any stories or moments to share that are an integral part of the brand?
DS: Years of training, the creation of a style and its evolution…

In the first 50 years of the 20th century the war brought deep changes in the societies, especially with regards to craftsmanship of luxury goods. Many companies, including our grandfather’s, were forced to stop production of precious objects due to government restrictions on precious metals, and reduced market demand. These years of stagnation, however, soon gave way to the desire to start reinventing. The long break didn’t destroy the creative spirit that has always led our family. The post war scenarios opened great new opportunities!

Staurino Fratelli's workshop in the 1960s
Staurino Fratelli’s workshop in the 1960s

In 1960 our uncle Paolo whom specialized in jewelry design and his younger brother Luigi whom specialized as an expect goldsmith modeler founded Staurino Fratelli, a company known for its exclusivity of handmade jewelry design, which immediately found appreciation in the local market and beyond. During those years new remarkable collaborations were born leading our company to produce unique jewelry designs and collections for several major brands.

These collaborations contributed greatly to the creation of new and different styles, which over the years broadened our production capabilities. In 1980, with the rise in demand from the Middle Eastern markets, Staurino Fratelli’s designs and products grew to a new level of extreme creativity and opulence, with the creation of one-of-a-kind jewelry suites for the most important occasions for royal families in the Middle East. In the 1990s Luigi ‘s sons, myself Davide and my brother Stefano joined the company and together decided to take on a new challenge: without forgetting our roots as artisans, we started designing our own collection with a new vision of global branding.

NM: What’s next?
DS: A jewel is neither a work of art to be collected in a window nor a consumer product. It stands squarely in the middle of the two! It must be something enjoyable together with the longevity of a work of art. It becomes part of a person’s life, it describes specific joyful moments, must be passed on from generation-to-generation, and must be an icon and overcome fashion. The biggest challenge, for those who create a product like this, is to become interpreters of our client’s world. Understand their needs, lifestyles, and distinctive elements or features they seek to convey and own.

In an ever-changing world with new markets arising, we need to adapt our thinking and stay at the forefront of design by reinventing ourselves continuously.

Projecting our brand to our client is perhaps the most difficult aspect. Understanding what styles appeal to them and what emotional aspect motivates a purchase? These are the elements that we take into great consideration when creating our jewelry, and is the key that enables, once discovered, the ability to create successful products.

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