New to NM: The Row x NM - Neiman Marcus

New to NM: The Row x NM

Neiman Marcus

February 1, 2016


We’re always excited to see what Mary Kate and Ashley create for The Row, and the Resort 2016 collection did not disappoint. Influenced by both art and nature, each piece combines the immaculate tailoring of menswear with feminine bias cuts and soft fabrics. We sat down with the designers to learn more.


What was the inspiration for Resort?

A: We referenced a lot of images of artists in their studios, especially Cy Twombly. The texture of the studio walls, the various forms of plaster in the space, and the materials in his working environment began the inspiration process—even down to what he wore. It started here.

Tell us a little bit about the color palette for Resort.

MK: Resort is an interesting season as it’s delivered in Fall. To us, it’s always been a sort of ‘sun and snow’ collection. The color palette is all about muted colors and tones: off pink, deep teal, and an incredible cigar color that almost looks like an aubergine when taken to fabric. We worked with really warm and almost romantic colors. We usually add a few colors along the way, but we wanted to continue with where we left off with Fall.

Tell us about the shapes this season?

MK: We used a lot of the same silhouettes that we did for Fall—double-breasted jackets, single-breasted jackets, differently shaped lapels and shawl colors in various forms.


Talk to us about the masculine/feminine duality for Resort.

A: It’s a very romantic collection, yet masculine. It’s masculine because we did a lot of oversized shirting and these raincoats in beautiful leathers. We played with pockets and twisted them so they were somewhat utilitarian. It’s a nice balance because you have these utilitarian pants next to a pink cashmere shawl collar.

How did artists inspire you for this collection?

A: We often look at Brancusi’s work—not just at what he created, but how he worked with metals. There are often very sharp lines intersected with smooth lines as well. We would look at sharp angles on a smooth surface. To us, it’s about the visual balance.


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