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10 Minutes with: Tory Burch on Watches

Regina Campbell

January 16, 2015


Just when we thought entrepreneur and designer Tory Burch couldn’t possibly have any more time in her day… Burch delightfully surprises us with her foray into watches. In classic Burch style, the effortlessly cool timepieces include a mix of tomboy and modern elements. She tells us she’s been thinking about designing watches for a while and calls it “a natural brand extension.” Here, she shares her inspiration for the collection and how she manages her time.

Designer Tory Burch.
Designer Tory Burch.

NM: What inspired the timepiece collection?
TB: The collection is inspired by vintage jewelry, color, art and travel — all the things I love.

NM: How do you manage your time between work and being a mother?
TB: Balancing work and family is my greatest challenge. It’s something I work on every day, but my three boys come first no matter what. I have found a way to make things more manageable by prioritizing, focusing on time management and setting boundaries. Sometimes that means rescheduling a meeting or taking a conference call from the car on my way to my boys’ lacrosse game. If I weren’t a good mom, I wouldn’t be a good CEO.

NM: Describe your favorite time of day?
TB: Early morning—I love the quiet calm of New York before the city wakes up.

NM: What would you do if you had one more hour in each day?
TB: I’d spend it with my family, whether it’s watching movies, reading or playing games in our library.

Tory Burch watches.
Tory Burch watches.

NM: How do you wind down after a long day?
TB: After a long day, I’ll relax by listening to music, lighting candles and taking a bath.

NM: What does a woman’s watch say about her?
TB: A watch can reflect a woman’s personal style whether it’s classic, tomboy or modern. The Sawyer and Robinson watches are chic cuffs that work as jewelry, while the Izzy is graphic with a bold, clear square case inlaid with fretwork.

NM: How do you wear your watch?
TB: Watches have always been one of my favorite accessories, and I have worn many different styles over the years. I love that they have utility, but my favorite pieces also work as jewelry.

NM: What is your New Year’s resolution for 2015?
TB: One of my resolutions is to find more time to read—I have a list of 20 books…

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