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Tory Burch Talks Motherhood


April 22, 2016


She’s a CEO, a CFDA award-winning designer, and the woman at the helm of a thriving retail empire. But at home in New York with her three boys, she’s just Mom. With Mother’s Day in mind — it’s May 8, by the way — we caught up with Tory Burch to talk all things motherhood. Here, she shares her favorite memories of her own mom, offers hand-picked gift ideas for Mother’s Day, and tells us what she has planned for the big day.

Neiman Marcus: Happy Mother’s Day! Do you have a Mother’s Day tradition?

Tory Burch: My boys, brothers, and I take my mother out for the day. It always varies, but we all have a great time.



NM: What’s your favorite childhood memory with your mom?

TB: Being my mom’s assistant gardener—she has been an organic gardener since the ’70s. To this day, I call her for advice about what to plant every year.


NM: Best lesson she ever taught you about beauty?

TB: Take good care of your skin—always wear sunscreen and moisturizer—and when it comes to makeup, less is more.


NM: How did your mother shape the woman that you are today?

TB: She’s extraordinary and has always looked at life in the glass-is-half-full way. She taught me to face challenges with grace and know that tomorrow can be a whole new horizon.


NM: Your boys—Henry, Nicholas, and Sawyer—are all well into their teens. What parenting advice would you offer mothers with young children?

TB: Children need structure. Also, always be aware of what is happening on their social media.



NM: What do you want your legacy to be?

TB: If I could see into the future, my dream would be to see my boys turn into happy and fulfilled men leading meaningful lives.


NM: Describe your perfect day.

TB: Playing tennis with my family and then having lunch by our pool in Southampton—ending it with a great book.


NM: What does style mean to you?

TB: Style is timeless and transcends all trends.


Tory’s Gift Picks

1.Tunics are incredibly versatile—day to evening, I love how effortless and chic they are.”

2. “A tote is a great everyday bag, but it’s also perfect for travel.”

3. “Our Lace-Up Espadrille is a dressier take on the classic—the epitome of bohemian chic.”

4. “Our Small Makeup Bag is a superchic way to store beauty essentials”

5. “The Surrey watch was inspired by my love of charms. It’s Swiss made; the attention to detail is extraordinary.”

6. “Sunglasses are key. A classic aviator is a perfect present.”

7. “Fragrance is all about making a woman feel beautiful. Our signature scent is anchored by vetiver. It has an unexpected edge, which I love.”

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