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Trending Now: Rob Wilson Pros & Cons

Tracy Hayes

September 29, 2016


Illustrator and graphic designer Rob Wilson first caught our attention back in 2013. The NM flagship in downtown Dallas was honoring Karl Lagerfeld with The Neiman Marcus Award for Distinguished Service in the Field of Fashion, and a local magazine editor had commissioned Wilson to create a stylized portrait of the designer to present as a gift. The framed piece depicted Karl looking square-jawed and heroic in his customary snowy ponytail and black sunglasses—plus highly uncharacteristic western kerchief and ten-gallon cowboy hat. Karl was charmed, and so were we. Since then, we’ve spotted Wilson’s work in magazines and on book covers, even in a line of stationery. But it’s his Instagram series “Pros & Cons of the Week (So Far)” that keeps us smiling on a regular basis. Which explains why we asked Wilson to adapt the idea for a monthly series created just for us and focused more than a little on fashion. This is the debut installment.


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