Capricorn is known to be the most ambitious of all signs, for the little goat will continue to climb to the very top of the mountain, long after other little animals have given up. The goat’s surefootedness allows him to keep going, even to where the air becomes rarified, and to heights so lofty that others are too afraid to go.

You were born with superb leadership qualities, ambition that won’t quit, and a superb sense of wisdom and practicality lacking in others. Not only are you considered the wise leader, you are fair and just to those in your employ. You will do whatever is necessary to get ahead. At the core of all that you do is an insistence on excellence and a continual striving to be better.

Lately, as a cardinal sign (the group of signs including Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn) it is likely you’ve experienced unexpected challenges in 2013. We are all tested from time to time, for it is the way the universe ascertains that we will try new things, use our talents to their fullest extent and in a wide variety of ways, and not become complacent. Some Capricorns have found that the job they were in was no longer satisfying. Others found themselves out of work through no fault of their own. Others were working in excellent positions but wondering what else existed for them out there, and whether it was a good time to explore offers. Now, good news arrives.

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As of early December, Mars, a high-energy planet, has been moving through your tenth house of career honors, awards, achievement and fame, to stay until July 2014. This is Capricorn’s natural house, so it is a place you are comfortable hosting Mars. You get more satisfaction from our work than almost anything else in life, so with Mars spending half of 2014 in your career sector, you will have options to move up and better your position in your industry that you didn’t have previously.

That’s a very long time for Mars to be in any one part of the chart. The reason for this is that Mars will soon go retrograde, from March 1 to May 19. During that time, your professional progress will become slow, but it will not stop. You may have to try a little harder to achieve a goal during March, April and May — that is all. News like this would never deter a Capricorn.

During all the other months, however, until July 25, you will find you easily get the attention of VIPs, and can finally aim to make powerful leaps ahead. Due to the position of other uncooperative planets, namely Uranus and Pluto, you may have strong competition for any position you want, so you have to be organized and polished when the door opens for you to interview for the spot you want. Don’t let the news that you will have competition faze you — you have what it takes to be given a new position of considerable responsibility. In a year when former connections and contacts will become very important, a VIP may come back from your past to offer you work in April or October. If so, you will discuss a very enticing job.

Before you accept any new position, however, you may need to consider the needs of family. Your home situation appears to be in flux. This has been the case since March 11, 2011 when Uranus first entered your fourth house of home (and will continue to be until March 2019.) You have already seen the truth of just how changeable your domestic situation has become. You may not mind one bit — n fact, you may find moving house to be a stimulating, exciting prospect.

All the emphasis on career and the changeable situation at home might mean a new position may lure you to a new location. If so, you will need to assess housing opportunities in that city before you accept. Or, you may have one or more family members who depend on you and will have to consider the needs of this beloved relative while you build your career.

In some cases, you may opt to stay in the area you are in now, rather than move too far from, say, a parent who may need your help from time to time. Or if you have small children, you may not want a managerial job at this point in your life. If your children are older, you may welcome the ability to make a good salary to help with college costs. Decisions like these are especially likely to come up at the end of March, in April and possibly through October too, rather than at any other time.

Your finances are due for a big upturn, for Jupiter will enter Leo on July 16 and remain until August 11, 2015. The kind of money you will likely receive will be large one-time payments that come in one or two chunks. You may win a game show on TV, or sell a screenplay to a big studio. (Leo is all about entertainment, and in your eighth house of other people’s money, this makes sense.) You may be given a large bonus, commission, licensing fee, or large insurance policy payout. A scholarship may be awarded to you, or your employer may match funds.

This year, you may decide that getting engaged or wed would be a wise idea, for Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, will continue to tour your house of marriage until July 16. Jupiter’s visit is a rare one, and he will not be back to this area of your chart once gone until 2025. While you will have other chances to marry within the intervening years, this year would be special for that initiation, up to July 16, 2014.

Single or attached, you are a Capricorn in luck, as Venus will be in your sign for an extraordinarily long time. Venus first entered your sign on November 5, 2013, and will stay until March 5, 2014. The only time that Venus will forsake you is from December 21 to January 31, when Venus will be in retrograde. During that time, do not make radical changes in hairstyle or to your face, for Venus rules appearance, and you would want wait until this graceful planet awakens. In the meantime, consider reading the Internet and magazines to decide what you’d like to do for your looks during the first week of February when conditions will be right to act.

If you were in love and would like to reconcile, Venus retrograde will give you the ideal chance to do so. Any planet in retrograde will ask you to reconsider, reassess, redesign, repair or redo, for retrograde is all about looking back. Venus in Capricorn will give you a second chance at love, and if you feel you are in love with a certain person from your past, then give love a chance and see if you can make a go of that relationship.

When Mars travels through Capricorn from October 24 to December 4, you will hit an all-time high. It will be the first time you’ve seen Mars in your sign in two years, and suddenly you will rightly sense you have the ability to change things to your favor. Mars is known to add sex appeal, too, so your allure will be very high. You may start a new relationship at this time, or if you are attached, have much more time to devote to your one true love. Now that’s a great way to end the year!

Happy birthday to our favorite fashion Capricorns Carolina Herrera, Nicole Miller, Diane von Furstenberg, Giles Deacon, Nanette Lepore, Jill Stuart, Max Azria, Vanessa Paradis, Kate Moss, Monica Jagaciak and Georgia May Jagger!

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satya hari


When am i going to get a job?in which month? please help me DOB:19/01/1993;Time:02:10 P.M. Pls help me Regards.



Hi, I am experiencing some difficulty and I just separated from my wife. My job situation is not looking good and I wanted to know what i can do to improve my job situation. I am getting into another relationship but i am not sure if it will work out for me. Please guide me. Thanks,



2013 felt like a frustrating year for me in a lot of respects -- I had several "close but no cigar" moments as far as trying to get a new job, increasing my income, etc. A significant amount of "stuck" energy was hanging around in my life. Yes, Caps are tough, but we like breaks sometimes too! ;) Thanks for the 2014 forecast -- I look forward to upturns in the year ahead!

Kat Doughty


Bring on 2014!!

Shirley Edwards


I am grateful for 2013 to be gone. It was a very difficult year all around. Looking forward to good news for a change. Thank you :)



2013 is a year I would love to forget. Very painful. Now I am looking forward to 2014. Thanks for the good news.



Thanks for the good news! Even the toughest goats get tired of eating garbage sometimes.
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