The part of your chart that will glow brightest in coming months has to do with your career. You will have an exceptional ability to scale new heights of power and responsibility, thanks to the arrival of Jupiter, the great planet of good fortune, in a rare visit to your house of fame and honors, now until July 16, 2014. You will need to show a willingness to apply your abilities and experience in new ways, perhaps even the courage to leave the security of your present job to move toward a new one. If you do, you will be excited by the way you can shape events in your industry. Admittedly, conflicting planetary action in your birthday year suggests that the competition for the new position will be fierce, but you will have an ace in your pocket with Jupiter in your fame sector, so remain confident.

Between now and mid-July 2014, it will be important to look every inch the part for the new position you aim to win. Invest in an interview outfit and several other wardrobe items that will boost your confidence while you are interacting with members of the company you hope to join.

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Over the past few years, Saturn has tested your mettle, and now Uranus is asking you to go slowly when entering into a new formal relationship. You will need to be sure the person you admire truly deserves the fine qualities you are so ready to assign, and this applies to romance or business alliances. In terms of a business relationship, do background checks to create a more rounded picture of the person you have selected to be your partner.

Meanwhile, Pluto is moving through Capricorn, and may be causing massive changes at home. You may be planning renovations (especially ones involving the setting up or tearing down of walls, or a redo of your basement) or, you may even be contemplating a residential move. Change can be exciting, and may come as soon as January 2014. Your parents also come under the domain of home in your horoscope, so you may also be thinking about one of your parents, and searching for ways to make that parent’s life happier and more comfortable.

Eclipses in Libra and your opposite sign of Aries are on the way too this birthday year, causing shifts in the way you view yourself, your talents and your priorities. Sometimes we are so busy “doing” that we do not notice that we are changing, outgrowing some life goals and adding others, almost unconsciously. Eclipses help us catch up. One big emphasis of the coming eclipses may center on your needs, and what you hope to find in a partner if you are not yet married. If you are already attached, you may find you want to change the way you relate to your partner, or be called on to help if he or she should hit a rough patch.

The coming eclipses will also test the strength of relationships, projects and priorities in your life, and help you let go of anything that is outworn, and not working. The dates of eclipses to watch in particular will be October 18, 2013, and April 15, 2015 and October 8, 2015, sure to be key dates on your timeline. (Sometimes an eclipse will deliver its news one month to the day before or after the eclipse, plus or minus four days.) These eclipses will separate the wheat from the chaff, and you will emerge leaner, stronger than ever before. You will also quickly learn how to turn almost any situation to your advantage.

Mars in Libra will help you. Mars, the energy planet, will enter Libra this year, on December 7, 2013 and will stay an extraordinary eight months in your sign, until July 25, 2014. It will have been two years since you’ve seen Mars in Libra, and you’ll like having this booster rocket planet at your disposal. The Red Planet will and control over events for you will be comfortable in the role of leader, and you will be likely be so persuasive that you will find it easier than usual to get others to rally around your causes and get approvals.

Venus will retrograde and subsequently become weaker from December 21 through January 31. If you were considering a brand new hairstyle or dramatic change in hair color, you would want to make that happen before December 21 too. (Of course, regular trims and grooming can—and should—be done at any time.) Buy new makeup and a perfume to increase your mystique in early December–just in time to look beautiful for holiday parties–or in early February, in time for a joyous Valentine’s Day.

Quick short travel will be lighthearted fun in early to mid-December, but for the year-end holidays, you might want to be back home to enjoy low-key, enchantingly romantic moments with your partner. You may also feel like entertaining close friends in intimate style, perhaps by giving a sit down dinner party for eight, or a cocktail party for twelve. By the end of December, a family member or friend may need you, so you’ll be want to be near when things come up.

From March 5 through April 5 2014, you will be the sparkler at any party. Venus will be touring Aquarius, and Mars will still be in Libra, and taken together, these two planets will amp up your sex appeal. Things are about to get even better! You’ll be on everyone’s A-list when Jupiter, the great planet of good fortune, enters your friendship sector later, on July 16, 2014 to stay until August 11, 2015.

You’ve not had Jupiter’s influence in your people/ friends/ contacts/ group sector since mid-2002 to mid-2003. Jupiter in Leo will see to it that many new faces enter your life at that time, and you will enjoy the new interests, insights and events they bring you. If you are single, among the new people you meet, you may feel an unmistakable spark with one person and will want to know this person better in the romantic sense. If you are attached, you can expect more loving attention from your mate. You have a very good chance of traveling overseas with your spouse or established partner too, so this new phase starting in mid-July 2014 will be a joyous one all around.

Also with Jupiter in Leo (starting next summer) you may decide to do charity work that makes a solid difference to a group that you know needs your support, or you may get involved in working for a political candidate to get him or her elected. Overall, your new friends will be successful types, and inspire you to stretch higher than you’ve ever done before, beyond your comfort zone, to achieve a heart-felt dream.

With Jupiter in luxury-minded Leo, many of the events you attend at that time will be special—and you’ll feel pampered. It’ll be time to dress up or dress down, as the spirit moves you, and to throw your head back, and move your hips to the music. You may come to realize that the quote by Edna Buchanan: “Friends are the family we choose for ourselves.” It will have special meaning to you in your bright year ahead. Libra, you have so much to look forward to!

Happy birthday to our favorite fashion industry Libras Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan, Jason Wu, Lela Rose, Eileen Fisher and Gwen Stefani!

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mohan kumar


test comment by suri12



October 16. Love the post and i read every month susan's prediction. They are so so true. Past couple of years have been very tough personally and professionally. I look forward to the storm calming down.. and praying and wishing for the happy timings and better life. Thanks much Susan!!! your admirer and silent follower



i like your. all prediction and really its true. on me .it seems you predect every step of my life . hope it will give me a good benifits thabk you so much for this help . once again thank you so much Madam Susan Miller.

Edith Hudson


October 19, really looking forward to a better life. I am still standing and I guess it is time to party!!!!!!



Love this post, just came across it, love Susan's website. @Kathie, I hope you reported your findings to the local store where you saw the employee, since I would see that as urgent, not something a blog would be used for. Thanks,



Libra Rising, sag sun...relationships have been in a rut this past couple of years!



am 28th-09 born gal,with a gemini rising .i have had the most difficult time of my life the past five years in relationships and career including a bitter divorce that left me with nothing.ihope life can give me my smile and light heart back thanks Susan.yr silent follower.




L Marina


eh ma ho ! how wonderful ! my 65th is 10/17/13 so this is a great gift astro reading for my coming year... love your website & your blog . . . always sharing it often on facebook because your astro forecasts generous informative . . . so much guidance for planning & timing the highest best outcomes in living well wt love & eztra awareness ! ! ! mahalo n aloha ea ! xoxomm . . . lmarina from honolulu hawaii

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Major thankies for the post.Really looking forward to read more. here



I look forward to the storm calming down...... This has been an extremely tough couple of years and October up to this afternoon has been very difficult and I pray for happiness by the end of October, something I am wishing for.



Thank you so much, Susan! My husband and I are following you since 2001. We love you. I hope golden period for career from now till July 2014 will bring permanent job for me.

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I am so happy...



Born on Oct 20. I am hoping to relieve from the clutches of Saturn and lead good life. It was painful for the last 5 years. May god bless all.



thank you very much...

autumn windsong


I truly hope the career segment manifests, finally. I have started a new project and have been waiting for a very long time for a particular position where I work. A bottle of champagne will be cracked open if all this comes to pass.

Maria trautmann


Thank you for this lovely positive forecast! Im a 1st October girl and look forward to some positive changes and the sea to remain calm has been a stormy year!

Francine Ahrens



Flavia Milano


My most favorite astrologer, so warm and caring and accurate!! Flavia



Good work keep it up

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I've also been thinking the very same issue personally lately. Delighted to see another person on the same wavelength! Nice article.

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Love!!! In true Libra style!



This is fabulous! I'm a Gemini. When will you be writing a blog for Geminis?

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Love It !






I have told all my girlfriends about Susan. I follow her every month. She is very accurate. My birthday is 10/4. sigh~ PDX

Dwight M Lee


I am a VERY long term fan of Susan - I recommend her highly!!

Debbie Fernandez


My birthday is October 21st, so I will read it then :)

Sherri Cliburn


Can't wait for all of these positive changes. It's been a rough few years.



This is awesome! Thank you.



love this new blog



Very interesting reading. looking forward to have these sent to my e-mail address.
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