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Happy Birthday Leo!

Susan Miller

August 20, 2013


Dear Leo, you have quite a wonderful birthday year ahead, and as you go along, things will just keep getting better! You are moving toward a period of enormous reward, to begin next summer, 2014, but happily, you have plenty of time to get ready. You are about to take an exciting ride, onward and upward!

You start your birthday year with an exceptionally friendly new moon in Leo, an annual event, due August 6, 2013. As soon as that new moon arrives, plan on moving forward on one of your dearest desires.

Astrologers know that new moons are very powerful, and the actions you take in the two weeks that follow that new moon will have the power to affect your life favorably for a long time. Allow the seeds you plant time to grow, and you will be proud of events that transpire over time.

Afterwards, lucky you, action-hero Mars will arrive in Leo to give your dearest plan another push. This will be the first time in two years you’ve had a visit from Mars to Leo, and it is the kind of help you’ll love, for Mars acts like a booster rocket.

When it comes to love and romance, August and September will also be quite special, for you will be at your charming, magnetic best. It will be as if a big spotlight will be on you, and you will be noticed and very possibly admired.

You will have another very glittering period for love and romance due, coming at the new moon in Sagittarius, just in time for holiday parties. You will have many opportunities to step out and have fun.

Now let’s turn to the recent move of good fortune Jupiter to Cancer and to see what you have in store. Before you see how Jupiter in Cancer can benefit you, you need to know that in the coming twelve months, you will be in a very important preparatory period for an even bigger year, when Jupiter will be in Leo, from July 2014 to August 2015.

Leo is a highly creative sign, so you may be finishing a screenplay or novel, getting ready to defend your thesis, do a research grant project, or to work on a body of paintings or photographs for a major exhibit, a soon-to-be-published compendium of your poetry, or to perfect the dialog or set design of a play. You may be focused on a comedy routine, film or other project.

This year, with so much potential about to be fulfilled, make sure all your work is the best it can be.

During that same period, you may travel frequently, whether overseas or in short distances (or both). For sure, your suitcase will get quite a workout in your birthday year ahead! You may want to buy new luggage, or even a new car. You will have people to see, places to go!

Also look at your current list of obligations, and decide which ones you’d like to finish before you initiate your new chapter. Do you have an arrangement, commitment, or relationship that you need to detach from before you start your new chapter? Soon you will be given a fresh canvas to paint your dreams upon-how will it look? Life is often how we make it, and this is your chance to design it as you always hoped it to be.

In closing, you have a wonderful new year to celebrate, and as you now know, even more good fortune is on the way to you, dear Leo! Your golden year, starting July 2014 is just around the corner, so you have lots of time to get ready!

Are you excited yet? You should be!

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