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Happy Birthday, Aquarius

Happy Birthday, Aquarius!

Susan Miller

January 20, 2016


You have a brilliant outlook for 2016. You will likely have a prosperous year and possibly experience impressive career advancement and travel to distant points at year’s end as the frosting on your birthday cake!

You are now entering one of your most financially lucrative years in the decade. Generous, expansive planet Jupiter will tour your eighth house of other people’s money, possibly bringing you money from an outside source.

Your career should be going amazingly well, too. You have had taskmaster Saturn in your tenth house of career for three years, from October 2012 to September 2015, testing you and teaching you how to assume more responsibility. Saturn teaches us that truly worthwhile career achievements in life come as a result of great effort, so the past three years may have felt especially strenuous. With that period likely over, you have proven your worth, and now you could be in line for a reward.


Since late October 2012 to September 2015, Saturn put you through a series of tests that tested your mettle, and now that Saturn has left, you will see a noticeable decrease in stress. Saturn won’t be back to this part of your chart for nearly three decades, so the lessons you learned over the past three years will stay with you as you move forward. You are now stronger, leaner, and more able to handle anything that your professional life might throw your way.

Saturn never gives rewards during his tutoring period, but he always leaves a gift by the door upon exiting. Saturn left your career sector in September 2015, so you may have already received a career reward after the strong and encouraging new moon of November 11, 2015. If you didn’t see important career activity then, you could in 2016.

Saturn has now moved to your 11th house of friendships and groups. This taskmaster planet is now in Sagittarius, a sign that blends beautifully with yours. Now that Saturn is in a place that is so supportive of your Aquarius sun, you will absorb the teachings of Saturn easily. You will not feel the strain and pressure that Saturn exerted while touring the constellation of Scorpio, touching off your career zone.


Aquarius is always sensitive to those who suffer and have been overlooked in society, so in 2016, with Saturn in Sagittarius, you may join a humanitarian or charity group and take on a leadership role to raise money and awareness of a cause dear to you. You don’t have to join a group to make a difference. There are other ways this trend may affect you. You may decide to volunteer to help a political candidate you believe in get elected. Or you may have a close friend who is experiencing a personal crisis. In lending a hand, you could learn the true meaning of friendship and experience great personal growth in the process.

When Jupiter leaves Virgo on September 9, a new trend will begin, and you will likely receive benefits in a different part of your chart. In Virgo, as already discussed, Jupiter will be responsible for monetary benefits that may come to you.

When Jupiter leaves Virgo and enters Libra on September 9, 2016, to stay 13 months, until October 10, 2017, you will be the recipient of new and different benefits. Libra is a fellow air sign like yours, dear Aquarius, so Jupiter, the great planet of good fortune, will be in a better position to help you on just about any front. Your health may improve, you may be more energetic and optimistic, and with Jupiter in your ninth house, you could expand your vision of the world. You will see projects in much larger, broader terms than you used to—and even in your closest relationships, you will see what can be done together in big terms not marginal ones, like you may have done in the past.

The ninth house, where Jupiter is heading in early October 2016, is the international travel and relationship house, so it is likely you will visit a country that you have never seen. Jupiter, the Great Benefic, could not only give you the opportunity but also the means to take full advantage of what comes up. Lucky things can happen when Jupiter is touring you in a travel house. If you decide to travel on your own, you may find a travel package that is too good to pass up.

If you are considering the idea of going back to school, say, to get a graduate degree, don’t limit the list of universities to which you apply. With Jupiter in your ninth house of higher learning, you have a good chance of being invited to attend. If you have already applied, the last part of 2016 could be fantastic. You may enjoy your classes very much, and they could prove helpful to your career in the future.


In terms of love and romance, your magnetism will be very high in February. The new moon in Aquarius on February 8 will be one of the best new moons of the year— especially for you, for it will be filled with surprises (thank Uranus) and stability (thank Saturn). Venus, the planet of love and beauty, will be in Aquarius from February 17 to March 12, so plan to buy new things for yourself, and then step out, confident you will turn heads. Venus will not only make you more attractive, but more magnetic, too, so you may discover interesting romantic interests almost effortlessly. (You will have to do your part by being out and about, but that will be easy for you.) Later in the year, watch for the tender, encouraging full moon on June 20, that will light your house of true love.

The gorgeous new moon of September 30 in Libra could be divine for an engagement or wedding. If you are already married, you might consider planning a trip for the two of you for private, quality time together in a pretty setting.

You should end the year on a fantastic note. Mars will be in Aquarius from November 9 to December 16, 2016. Mars will give you courage, passion, energy, and drive. You are likely to be invited to a number of festive parties, and feeling your best, you will have the chance to make several new friends. Among the friendly faces that surround you, you may meet a person you’d like to know better, perhaps a future romantic partner.


You have a magical year ahead, dear Aquarius. The stresses and strains of past years are now melting away, and you can now reap the fruits of your labors on many fronts. It will be a full year where you may return to school, advance in your career, or see monetary gains. You could have the chance to make a difference to a good friend, or a charity, humanitarian cause or political candidate you believe in. The possibility for overseas travel is almost assured in the months ahead (especially in the last quarter of 2016), so spin your compass and decide where you’d like to go.

Best of all, you will have plenty of time to enjoy love. Whether you are attached or single, the planets will shower you with possibilities throughout the year. If single, this could be the year that you either find your one true love, or if attached, celebrate the love you have created together. You have an enchanting birthday year coming up, dear Aquarius—one that will seem just made for you.



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