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Happy Birthday, Aquarius

Happy Birthday Aquarius!

Susan Miller

January 20, 2014


Your birthday year holds such potential for you, in so many areas — career, health, romance and especially marriage, and more.

Let’s start with your health and fitness. Do you hope to become enviably trim and toned? Of all the signs, you have the very best chances of success for that dream, for Jupiter is the giver of gifts and luck, and is transiting your health sector from now until July 16, 2014. You have a rare chance to perfect your exercise and nutritional habits to create an entirely new you — sleek, super fit, glowing skin, shiny-as-a-mirror hair. You’ve heard you are what you eat — this year you will prove it to all that come in contact with you.

The part of your chart that is so lit up is your sixth house ruling all the steps you take to become healthy and radiant, so as you see, nothing is predestined. You will be in charge, and you will have help. Jupiter, the great good fortune planet, will give you the powerful motivation to get started. Jupiter will insist you do things the slow and sensible way. This progress will be steady and long lasting.

If you are athletic, and you’ve been working out all along, you can now get stronger and find greater stamina. If you compete, this year you may display a personal best. If you have struggled with a chronic health problem, seek a second opinion — you may find a practitioner in the first half of this year who understands your condition. This is a grand trend that will boost your looks and vitality, so no matter what your health status, you will want to take full advantage by taking steps to realize the dream you have of you.

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This could be the year you leave your mark in your profession as well. Saturn will continue transit through your house of fame and honors — a trend that started October 2012 — and will coax you to accept a leadership position of great responsibility and power. Some Aquarians have already accepted a new role, while other Aquarians will do so this year. You will have opportunity to learn and grow professionally, as many of the duties you will take on now will be new to you, and that is part of the reason you will be intrigued with the new position offered to you.

An older, more experienced executive will be on hand to help and guide you, and while this person will be critical, exacting, and hard to please, if you stay the course, you will learn as you have never learned before, and be on your way to transforming yourself into a wise figure in your industry. You’ll need to give your new position all the focus you have to give, but if you do, Saturn will reward you. By time Saturn leaves this area of your chart in September 2015, you will be in a whole new place professionally, and become a force to be reckoned with.

In the meantime, watch the period in the summer, from July 25 to September 13, for exceptional career opportunity and publicity to arise. This is when you are most likely to find doors open for you. Any position you discuss during these weeks is likely to be an impressive step up. You may have to oversee finances in your new role.

Watch too, the full moon of May 15 in your house of honors, awards, achievement and fame, when you may get a final answer on a job you have been interviewing for and that you’ve hoped to win. If you do get a position at this time, you are likely to enjoy the work very much. If you plan to open your own business in mid-May, customers may be plentiful — keep letting people know about all you have to offer.

The solar eclipse in Scorpio of October 23 is very likely to be another big moment in your professional timeline, when a sudden opportunity may come up for you. Be ready to interview. In this case, a friend may be instrumental in helping you find a position to vie for and your friend may also speak up for you to help you get it. At this time, any position you discuss will give you plenty of chances to contribute creative ideas.

In terms of your home, near the new moon solar eclipse of April 29, you may want to move, repair or decorate your present living space. You may consider a change in location to find better career opportunities. More news about your living situation will come at the full moon, November 5, and at that time, your home, family and living situation appears to be calmer and more settled as things are culminating. You will be quite decisive at that time. If you find that in May or November you are not focused on your living situation, you may choose to help one of your parents in a significant way, so make sure you are not scheduled too tightly, and not out of town near those dates.

Now let’s turn to another topic, which has to do with learning, either the traditional way, through schooling, or by travel, which ancient astrologers felt was an equally fine way to expand the mind to understand other cultures and the world around you. Mars’ entry to Libra on December 7, 2013 has set up a very long emphasis on this topic, specifically foreign travel, university study, and in terms of international relationships. Mars has been and will continue to accent this area until July 25, 2014. Additionally, broadcasting, publishing, university teaching — along with all your efforts to expand your influence through the dissemination of information –will be dominant themes, and offer you unusual opportunity to grow intellectually. You are likely to travel quite a bit during the first half of 2014, or to be in communication with people abroad more than usual. Within the categories listed, chose your area of interest, work toward your goal, and Mars will help you achieve it.

Your romantic life will remain steady, and if dating someone special, you will continue to bond closer to your sweetheart, for you are not likely to be surprised by events or revelations.

If you are single, June may bring someone you once loved in the past back into the picture, perhaps by surprise. Or, if you hope to reconcile a relationship, June would be the right time to make your move. June is a solidly good month for romance because of the friendly new moon of May 28 in your true love sector, and with Mercury in retrograde, it would be an ideal time to go back to rekindle a former relationship.

If you would rather meet someone entirely new, take a vacation while Venus is in in Gemini in mid-July. The new moon of May 29 will help you quite a bit too, but in your case, Mercury retrograde may be frustrating for starting a new relationship, June 7 to July 1. Mercury retrograde is great for looking back to your past, but not good for forging into new territory. Circulate from May 29 to June 4.

Your prospects for marriage sparkle brightly, starting July 16, 2014 and continuing for a year, until August 11, 2015. If you are currently dating seriously, you may get engaged, or set a wedding date. If you are ready to wed, the stars will light the path.

If you are already married, you may see your mate do very well, and be quite prosperous and optimistic. With extra money coming in, you will have more choices to do things together, and among the many exciting things on your list will be the option to take an exciting trip overseas.

At holiday time, on December 5 to January 12 you will start an entirely new chapter of your life, thanks to the tour of Mars through Aquarius for the first time in two years. This will be a very energetic phase, when you will be able to get attention from higher ups for your dearest plans. At the end of the year, if you focus on driving your ideas forward, you can get them approved.

Mars in Aquarius will make you more attractive, too, so you will be noticed and fussed over. So while you shop for others, it will be the ideal time to choose some new things for yourself. If you like, you can consult with your stylist about options for giving yourself a new look. Your magnetism and allure will be very high. Circulate at holiday parties if you want to meet someone new, and if you are attached, find ways to add romance and fun to your lives, like you did when you first met.

As you see, you have a magical year ahead. Are you excited yet? You soon will be!

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