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Happy Birthday Aries!

Susan Miller

March 23, 2015


This year may bring a plethora of romantic possibilities if you are single, and if you are married, may bring you memory-building experiences to share together. It takes Jupiter twelve years to revolve around the sun and through all twelve signs, so it’s not been since mid-2002 to mid-2003 that you had this kind of powerful help in the romance department from good-fortune Jupiter. This is not the year to squander the golden rays of Jupiter on someone you are dating but about whom you have doubts. You have had Jupiter in your love sector since July 2014, so perhaps you met someone intriguing—get to know that person better.

At the same time, give a wide variety of admirers a chance. You may assume you know who is right for you, until you meet someone very different, and zing! You feel the arrow of Cupid! Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system and in astrology, the most generous. Jupiter wants you to think big and broad and to be just as kind. This year you may travel abroad with the one you love, for Jupiter will open your shutters to wide possibilities. If you can’t travel far because you have new career responsibilities, think about taking a quick vacation sometime in the first two weeks of June, when all your stars will be encouraging you to pack and go—and to make your trip fun, too. Jupiter will leave your romantic house in mid-August, so make this period count by circulating quite a bit.

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In your career, the end of December through January 2015 was possibly your strongest month, filled with good career news and opportunity. You may have already landed an important new title, or even been promoted. If not, the full moon of July 1 may mark an important point in your professional timeline this year. This is a time many go on holiday, but if you are serious about your career, you may want to stay through the full moon period (July 1 to 4, 2015), for you won’t want to miss this! With Venus conjunct Jupiter, the only time this will happen in 2015, a lucrative, generous offer is may come up.

After Jupiter moves into your work-project sector on August 11, to stay thirteen months, you may start to get the kinds of assignments you only used to dream about. Each one could bring you a step closer to a major promotion that might take place just after the new moon January 9, 2016. If you are self-employed by autumn and the coming winter, you could find clients beating a path to your door, with more work than you can handle.

This same period, after August 11, when Jupiter moves into Virgo, you may have a renewed interest in being fit and healthy, and with Jupiter in the sixth house, you will have a superb chance to accomplish your goal.

Financially, you may be looking at a much-improved outlook compared to that of the past three years. Saturn was the culprit there, for Saturn is the taskmaster planet that teaches the value of hard work, the taking of responsibility and life lessons learned. Saturn can be a “tough-love” teacher, for he was teaching to value money and to find ways to negotiate to protect your financial interests. Saturn has been with you since October 2012, a very long time.

Saturn left the difficult part of your chart ruling other people’s money—that happened on December 23, 2014, just a week before the New Year, and you must be feeling relief. Saturn will retrograde back into the same financial sector for thirteen weeks, from June 14 to September 14. Those weeks will go by quickly, and once Saturn leaves in mid-September, you will not see him again until 2041, almost three decades from now.

You are now wiser, and Saturn has given you tools in negotiation and money management that you could carry with you for your entire life. Blue skies lie ahead, dear Aries!

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