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Happy Birthday, Aries!

Susan Miller

March 21, 2016


Your birthday year will bring you plenty of happy events to anticipate. As the year opens, Jupiter—planet of good fortune—will be in Virgo until September 9. Jupiter is currently transiting your sixth house of health and fitness, so Jupiter in this part of your chart will help you tone and strengthen your body. You might look for the ideal methods this year—ones you like that could bring results. You might even try a meal delivery service!

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You may also take up a new sport or join a gym and find the group fitness classes very invigorating and, at the same time, relaxing. Jupiter is not only the planet of gifts and luck but also the planet of healing. This is a good year to have a checkup and take care of yourself. Jupiter first entered Virgo last year on August 11, so you may have already seen results. You will have until September 9 to benefit from this trend, at which time Jupiter will leave to move on to another sign, Libra.

The sixth house, where Jupiter is currently traveling through, is also the house of work assignments. In the coming months, you are likely to enjoy your projects, and be able to turn out excellent work that is likely to be praised. Jupiter usually brings financial success, too. Also between now and early September, you may find new ways to approach your job, possibly employing new software or electronics to allow you to become more efficient.


Later, when Jupiter enters Libra on September 9, to stay for 13 months until October 10, 2017, Jupiter will fill your marriage house, crowning yours as the most favored sign for tying the knot. If you are dating and in love, you might consider a stronger commitment. If you are currently wed, your mate should be optimistic and joyful. You and your significant other may both have more options to travel, work on big goals, or make other lifestyle changes. If you are not wed, or not dating anyone you are serious about, this wonderful energy may be put to good use in your business life.

No matter what your priorities, travel seems assured in 2016, for Mars will spend an exceptionally long time in Sagittarius, lighting your ninth house of distant travel. The reasons for your trips may be varied—for either work or pure pleasure. Mars will retrograde from April 17 to June 29, and this is the period when you will find it hardest to juggle your schedule to make travel possible.

Mars is your ruling planet, so this retrograde may affect you more than most. Be patient when your actions meet obstacles—this is par for the course. Even though Mars will move direct on June 29, he will continue to languish at a slow speed for months and struggle to regain former strength.

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Mars will enter Aries for the first time in two years on January 28, 2017 and remain until March 9. This could be a magical time for you, for Mars will be moving at peak power and may help you launch any new enterprise or relationship. You will feel that pieces of your plan, which might have been hard for you to fit into place earlier in your birthday year, suddenly click into place perfectly, almost effortlessly. Influential people are likely to sit up and listen to your proposals, and in love, your magnetism could be sky high.

Venus will make an appearance in Aries, too, during your birthday year, from April 5 until April 29, 2016, the phase just made for shopping for flattering new things for you. Venus will make you alluring and mysterious—if single, by all means, be out and about circulating.

Next year, Venus will be in Aries from February 3 to June 6, 2017, and during part of that time will go retrograde from March 4 until April 15, 2017. But matters of beauty and love should improve when Venus regains her former strength and supports you fully, namely while Venus in Aries will be strong, from May 18 to June 6, 2017. This will be a time to think about you—to polish and modernize your appearance, to be serious about finding the right person to date. If ready to tie the knot, plan a beautiful wedding. If you are married, you can get the full attention of your spouse and recapture the fun you had together when you first met.

So this year, dear Aries, enjoy your many happy times!


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