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Happy Birthday Aries!

Susan Miller

April 1, 2014


You have many special things to look forward to in your coming birthday year, dear Aries. One that is at play now relates to making your home all you have hoped it would be. Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, is now in Cancer in your home sector and will see to it that you have the element of luck in all your domestic and housing-related plans. If you hope to move to a new address, plan to renovate, or simply want to stock up on new accessories, linens, tableware and accoutrements for the bath, you will find your best possibilities now. Hurry, for Jupiter will leave Cancer on July 18 and will not be back until 2025. Jupiter had been in sleepy retrograde since early November but is now moving at top speed. So your opportunities will come quickly, and you’ll need to be decisive.

When Jupiter moves into Leo for the first time in more than a dozen years (specifically since August 2002), it will fill your house of true love for 13 months, starting July 16. You will quickly see a powerful social trend shaping up for you, with lots of reasons to mix with friends, make new ones and make the acquaintance of a romantic interest.

Leo is a fellow fire sign, and that means Jupiter can help you in a bigger way than during the last three, when Jupiter was in earth, air and water signs. With Jupiter in Leo, you will feel stronger, more confident and more optimistic about your future. Your charisma will be very high, and life will take on new luster. You may also see that your health and vitality improve. Jupiter usually sees to it that travel happens more often, and to more distant ports. Generally life will open up for you like a big, juicy coconut.

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Among all the goodies coming to you thanks to Jupiter, romance will likely be your best. If you have not yet met your soul mate in life, you will have a superb opportunity to do so this year. July will be your spectacular month, for it holds the luckiest day of the year: July 24.

That day is when the Sun will meet with Jupiter in your true love sector, which is an exceedingly rare event. It will be 12 years until this happens again in your most romantic house of the horoscope. Look your best—it’s a five-star day for you, dear Aries, so show the universe your intent.

If you are attached, you may now decide to have a baby at some point from mid-July 2014 to mid-August 2015. If you already have children, one or more of your offspring will do you proud this year. They are also likely to do well, for Jupiter will protect your children. As the saying goes, “A mother can only be as happy as her least happy child.” With your children doing well, you should feel like a million dollars!

Now let’s look at Uranus, the planet of genius, creativity, disruption and the breaking of bonds. This planet has been in Aries since March 2011 and has a huge influence in the chart in any sign. Ever since Uranus arrived in Aries, your need for independence and control over your life might have become very strong. It takes Uranus 84 years to circle the Sun, so some people never get to experience Uranus in their sign. Uranus may make you more creative and even famous if that is your desire, so if you are in the kind of job that rewards you for your ideas, take this period seriously. Make the most of this rare time in your life to leave an indelible mark on the world with an expression that is uniquely “you” in any way you please—art, music, technology, literature—the world is your oyster.

Attached Aries have had unusual circumstances, given the eclipses of April 14 and October 8, 2014 and those that are due in April 4 and September 28, 2015. These times will test the strength of close relationships, in love and in business. You deserve all the support you can get from friends and family. Keep yourself strong and healthy because you may find this to be a strenuous period, where others will be depending upon you to help them—even if you feel you could use a little support, too!

Your career has had ups and downs in recent years, but the new moon from July 24 through August 2014 may bring the professional breakthrough you’ve long sought. The fields of entertainment, design, cultural arts—especially music—appear to be very promising, as is teaching, but if you look, you should find a plethora of openings. Seek your new position then, for Uranus will be with you. You may seem uniquely qualified and be able to soar above the competition. Get your interview wardrobe ready when Venus tours Aries May 2 to 28—you will find beautiful things that flatter you. This will also be a lyrical time for love as well.

Because your career is likely to burn brighter than a firecracker in late July and August, you may want to plan your vacation for sometime later in the year. Consider the period of September 13 through October 26, after which your career may again heat up till December 4. This year brings you outstanding chances to put your name in lights, so be ready to push forward then.

The year closes on a very social note. From December 4 to January 12, your ruler, Mars, will bring invitations from many sources and your social life will shine.

Venus loves to be with Mars but these two have different orbits and are “on assignment” by the universe in different corners of the sky. Typically, all Venus and Mars can hope for is a chance to gaze at one another across the heavens from time to time.

In a very rare occurrence, not only will Venus and Mars be united at last over the weekend of February 21 to 22, but remarkably, these two sweetheart planets will also plan their rendezvous in the constellation of Aries, boosting your magnetism and charm to a “10.” Find love or celebrate love that weekend, dear Aries! As said earlier, Jupiter will be watching over you from the house he is orbiting—your fifth house of true love. At long last, all elements are perfect for you to find the love you want, or celebrate the love you now have and want to grow bigger. Every Aries should benefit!

Happy birthday to our favorite fashion industry Aries, Marc Jacobs, Tommy Hilfiger, Vivienne Westwood, Kenneth Cole, Georgina Chapman, Isabel toledo, Phillip Lim, Thom Browne, Alessandra Ambrosio, Alek Wek, Constance Jablonski, Jacquelyn Jablonski and Hilary Rhoda!

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