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Happy Birthday Cancer!

Susan Miller

June 26, 2014


During the past birthday year, life demanded much from you, for planets in cardinal signs (Cancer, Capricorn, Aries and Libra) were challenging you in many areas. Nevertheless, you had Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, at your side throughout, fiercely protecting you, sometimes providing that extra measure of luck in the eleventh hour. Friends commented on how strong you’ve become and how your resilience has inspired everyone who knows you.

The coming year should be surprisingly positive, especially for seeing exceptional financial gain. The money you see will be earned the old-fashioned way by the power of your efforts. If you are self-employed, your confidence is likely to rise with your growing popularity and income.

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During the past two years, a home or property situation may have weighed on you. This situation should begin to ease and help liberate you from bonds that have limited your movements since Mars entered this part of your chart on December 7, 2013. Once Mars leaves on July 25, 2014, you should feel much freer than you do now.

Think back to the date of the total eclipse: April 15, 2014. Did a development come up near that date that forced a major decision from you – one related to home and property matters? If so, or even if nothing came up for discussion, this part of your life is due to advance at the new moon, September 23 and the ten days that follow. Watch for opportunity and be nimble to take advantage of it when it comes up.

Your career certainly has been lively in recent years, with all kinds of news coming up to take you off guard. This is due to the long visit of Uranus, planet of surprise, in your tenth house of fame and honors. While you may have had an unexpected setback or two in that time, you were likely to have been amazed by sudden advances, too. April will be a big month for professional news, so stay alert.

In the coming year you won’t lack assignments – having proved your worth over the past two years. Once Saturn enters Sagittarius on December 23, 2014, to stay until June 14, 2015, you will begin to work hard on the many projects on your desk. Saturn will slide back into Scorpio for the summer (June 14-September 17, 2015), so at this time, work will slow down long enough to give you a breather.

Then, on September 17, Saturn will resume his tour of Sagittarius for two more years. During this time you will need to be well organized to handle all the projects others will ask you to spearhead. You may need to learn new software or investigate gadgets to help you get more work done efficiently. If you need more hands on deck, ask! You may get approval for temporary or even permanent staff to help you.

Watch your health during this period of Saturn in Sagittarius (the first half of 2015), as you are likely to burn your candles at both ends. Saturn will ask you to develop a routine you enjoy and can follow. You may also streamline your eating habits and begin a new sport or exercise routine that clearly makes a difference in the way you feel.

Over the past two years, you may have been temporarily separated from the one you love, through no fault of your own. For example, your sweetheart may have been doing many all-nighters as a medical resident. Or, no matter what your partner’s profession happens to be, he or she may have needed to travel quite a bit for work, or even have been asked to live in another city, possibly overseas. For this type of romantic situation, blame Saturn in Scorpio. Saturn has been in Scorpio in your house of true love since October 23 and often asks for these kinds of sacrifices.

I have more examples for you. If you met someone new and intriguing, you may have been dismayed to find out this person lives in a city far from yours or is still pining over a painful breakup. Very commonly, you may have found that your new romantic interest is not available yet. The happy news is, that when Saturn leaves Scorpio on December 30 of this year, your love life will benefit enormously. Any frustrating separations and obstacles you may have faced will lift, so you are looking at a much better year for love, especially in 2015.

If you want to marry, a great time to do so would be at the year-end holidays, thanks to the new moon, December 21, in your marriage house, and in the two weeks that follow it. You will have five heavenly bodies circulating in your marriage and commitment house at that time. If you are already wed, you may have great news from your partner – news that is likely to benefit you both.

The same house that rules romance (and that will benefit from Saturn’s departure from Scorpio) also rules children and creativity, and by year’s end, you will start to relax regarding your family. On another note, a creative project that was taking you more time and money than you ever anticipated will now begin to move forward at a gratifying pace.

As you see, you have much to look forward to in your new birthday year, dear Cancer! Happy Birthday!

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