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Happy birthday, Capricorn

Happy Birthday Capricorn!

Susan Miller

December 23, 2014


The past two years have been challenging, but you met those challenges head-on with your characteristic stoic strength and earthy practicality. You discovered that you were a lot stronger than you ever imagined, and through your sterling example of grace under pressure, you have become a source of inspiration to friends and family. The year ahead, 2015, holds many treasures, so you have many reasons to be excited and optimistic.

Jupiter, the good fortune planet, is now in Leo and touring your eighth house of other people’s money. This suggests that you may be in a powerful financial phase. This could be a good time to impress interested parties with your business plan. You may also be in a position to receive sums from one of various sources. (This trend started in July 2014, so you may have already seen evidence of this.) If you find yourself with extra money, you’ll enjoy the additional options and deciding what to do with the extra cash. Keep in mind that Jupiter will leave your financial house and move on to Virgo on August 11. Of all months, February and August could be your strongest for monetary gains—and for spending!

Jupiter in Virgo will usher in a happy phase that will expand your horizons. Best of all Jupiter will remain in Virgo for nearly 13 months, from August 11 to September 9, 2016. Virgo is an earth sign like yours, dear Capricorn, so you will absorb all the goodness that Jupiter has for you this year easily and naturally. In your ninth house, Jupiter could encourage you to travel far and wide to at least one city overseas, and it is likely to be an exciting city that you’ve never visited. Jupiter not only provides opportunity but also the means to go. This suggests you may travel in connection with your work. Or, just as likely, you may find a travel package that is so sweet it would be too enticing to turn down.

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The luckiest day of the year will be August 26, when the Sun and Jupiter will meet in Virgo. Since they will meet in your foreign travel house, this might be a superb time to take an awe-inspiring trip abroad.

Jupiter in Virgo, a sign so fabulously compatible with Capricorn, could strengthen your health, raise your confidence and bring you favor from VIPs. You may meet many new people in the second half of 2015, and some could stay in your life for a long time, becoming prominent friends and allies.

If you have your heart set on going to graduate school, you might find the admission process easier than you imagined. If you are applying to colleges now, don’t limit your list because you assume it will be too hard for you to be admitted. In a year like this one, where you are likely to havea powerful element of luck, one of your dream universities might invite you to be part of itsstudent body. Publishing and broadcasting opportunities will glitter and glow, too, so you might investigate those if you work in communications during the second half of 2015.

Your home situation has brought all sorts of news since Uranus entered this part of your chart in 2011—news that may have been troublesome andstressful, but at times also upbeat and cause for celebration. Uranus, the planet of all kinds of surprises, will continue to tour your home and family sector until 2019. December-born Capricorns are mainly finished with their home-related challenges and meditations. Capricorns with birthdays that fall near January 7 will be feeling Uranus the most in 2015. Some Capricornsmay have moved more than once within a very short period of time, which is never easy. Thistype of instability may be tied to lifestyle choices,such work or study abroad for several months.Even for those who stayed put, there might have been challenges that caused temporary chaos at home.

Capricorns value family as much as Cancer, thesign most closely associated with family. No matter how busy you may be (and Capricorn always stays busy!), you always try to find time for a family member. You have become very flexible and resourceful, and that is an asset you will carry within you from now on.

Happy Birthday Capricorn! You have an exciting forecast for 2015. Although past years have been difficult due to transiting planets in harsh positions, most of those planets are moving on to new placements that will be easier for you to experience. In all ways, life is due to get much happier. Be sure to celebrate!

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