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Happy Birthday, Capricorn!

Susan Miller

December 21, 2016


You are now within one of the most exciting career cycles possible. So in this birthday year, you might not have the normal restrictions for success. Reach for the stars. Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, entered Libra, the sign that governs your solar tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement, on September 9, 2016, and will continue to pour his goodness into this house until October 10, 2017.

Opportunity could come from influential people who want to help you get ahead. Indeed, this year might be one of exceptional reward for the dedication you put into your career over the past ten years. You may have already seen evidence of Jupiter’s bounty in the recent past, in the last week of September 2016 and in early October 2016. If not, more opportunity is due to come your way.

Your income could increase in February, thanks to the friendly full moon lunar eclipse, February 10. It appears you may be earning money from a new source, if not as early as February, then later in the year, in August. The lunar eclipse on August 7, 2017 should be very supportive. Two weeks later, August 21, the full moon solar eclipse will likely help you with home or business opportunities.

Venus, the planet governing your house of fame and honors, will retrograde from March 5 until April 15. At this time, you may become concerned and assume your career is stalling, but the delays or setbacks you see will likely be temporary—don’t become disheartened. This period will give you time to tweak your projects and your strategy. “Not now” does not mean “never.”

During this same period, from March to mid-April 2017, since Venus also rules your appearance, it would not be wise for you to make any radical changes but, of course, continue your regular grooming routine.

Lately you might have given a great deal of attention to transforming the style of your home. Many have moved since 2011—some more than once. For some, career opportunities were too good to pass up, and those required being uprooted to a new location. Other Capricorns found that their rising career status allowed for wonderful changes in decor, such as new furniture, paint colors, accessories, linens, tableware, or renovations.

At the new moon, March 27, you may again consider your living arrangements and may make changes—for you will be presented with many options. By the full moon in Aries on October 5, 2017, you should see home-related talks come to a finish.

In terms of romance, your career will get the lion’s share of your attention. But you might see some lovely developments after the new moon, April 25, 2017 that could open a portal of energy, which may allow you to meet someone special and new. If you are attached, you will have more time to enjoy your partner. If you are not yet married, an engagement or marriage may come near the full moon May 10 or at the full moon November 18.

It’s an exciting time to be you, dear Capricorn!

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