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Happy Birthday Leo!

Susan Miller

July 23, 2015


The past birthday year has been exciting, for you were favored by the good-fortune planet, Jupiter, from July 27, 2014 to August 11, 2015. During that nearly 13-month period, you were given a rare opportunity to advance a dream dear to you, however you chose to direct this golden energy. Now you will enter the second phase, one that could bring you the most impressive financial reward you’ve seen in recent years. Indeed, your earnings could come directly from projects you worked on and seeded during the period that is now ending (while Jupiter was still in Leo from July of last year to this month). Watch for the luckiest day of the year, August 26, when Jupiter will make his annual conjunction to the Sun, your ruling star, for the possibility of superb news.

The eclipses—always an indicator of change—will partly fall in your financial sectors, a time when you may see your finances rise. The relevant eclipse dates include September 12, 2015 (solar eclipse in Virgo), March 8, 2016 (solar eclipse in Pisces) and September 1, 2016 (solar eclipse in Virgo). Watch the times near September 12, 2015 and September 1, 2016 for news about shifts in the source of your income or holdings. You may get a new job or a substantial raise at your present job. If you are self- employed, you may bring in a lucrative client.

Now let’s turn to energetic Mars, for Mars’ whereabouts will bring energy and light to the part of the chart it visits. Mars will start your birthday year in Leo, indicating you are about to start an important two-year cycle. Be ready to drive your energies in any direction you please. It appears you will focus on a relationship or project dear to you while Mars is in Leo from August 8 to September 24, 2015. Mercury will go retrograde from September 7 to October 9, so your best period could occur in August, your time to take the most important actions. Mars will give you courage, energy and drive, and it is said in ancient astrological texts that endeavors begun with Mars in your own sign tend to succeed, for you will display passion to win your way. You won’t take “no” for an answer, and with your being so persuasive, who would want to turn you down?

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There is an exception to the rule “always act when Mars is in your sign”—that is, you should consider what other planets are doing at the very same time, as some planets may cause part of that period to be unwise to act. We have a case in point in September. If you were hoping to get engaged during August or early September, while elsewhere in the heavens, Venus, planet of love and beauty, will be retrograde (July 25 – September 6). During these dates, you might need to hold back and wait to make big decisions in your love life. With Venus retrograde, the affection between you and your partner may be limited during the duration of the relationship if you were to act during this period.

When any planet retrogrades, it rests and we are not able to access that planet’s strongest powers. We feel the more mute output from a retrograde planet when the planet is Mars, Venus or Mercury—the so-called “personal planets” that orbit closest to earth. Venus rules your appearance, too, and embellishment in life. For this reason, it would not be wise to do any radical changes to your appearance, such as a hairstyle, during Venus retrograde, from July 25 to September 6, 2015.

Venus regulates her orbit from September 7 to October 7—the time Venus will tour Leo and favor you above all others. That may be an especially good time to select new clothes for the coming season, have a consultation with your salon stylist, and ask the artist of your favorite makeup brand to recommend which of the season’s new colors would be most flattering to you.

If single and not yet committed, you may waffle about your feelings for a romantic partner while Venus retrogrades. Mars will retrograde in your house of love and children from April 17 to June 29, 2016, the time you’ll be most hesitant to know precisely what to do.

Alternatively, you may change your mind about a decision you made previously. You may feel you need more time to decide, and if so, there would be no harm in slowing down and taking all the time you need to think. You may feel more positive about your choices—even if they change—once you get to midyear, for Mars will move in a direct powerful motion from July through September 2016, lighting your house of true love in a positive way. Suddenly your indecision will likely be over.

Saturn will be rooted in your house of love, too, during your entire birthday year ahead, which may cause temporary separations between you and your sweetheart, separations likely to be no fault of your own. Or, you may be frustrated to meet a romantic partner who lives at a great geographic distance from you. Alternatively, you may meet someone who is still pining for a past love or who has been hurt from a past relationship and is unable to be vulnerable.

Sometimes life is that way, but hopefully these obstacles can be dissolved in time. Saturn does this not to frustrate you but to test the depth of your commitment to the person you are with—at times the universe challenges us to see what we do, and what we learn from those experiences. For some Leos, the answer will be to leave, and of course, knowing when to leave is as important a lesson as the one of knowing when to stay and work at fixing things.

Saturn’s presence in your fifth house signifies that most of your lessons learned and personal growth these next 12 months will come from your experiences in love. Saturn will continue to tour this part of your chart, your fifth house, until December 2017. You may want to decide what you need from your partner to be happy and how much you are willing to give your partner in return. Sometimes one person gives too much, and in other cases, one partner gives too little. A relationship is rarely fifty-fifty at all times. If a relationship is strong, have faith that over time things will even out. A relationship is about being elastic in the need to give and take.

Now let’s look at your home situation. Saturn will retrograde back into your home sector from June 14 to September 17, 2015 and will urge you to think about how to solve an ongoing situation that has pressed on you at home, in terms of your physical home that you own or rent, or it may have to do with the care and welfare of a family member. You will have an opportunity during that phase to find the right answer and come to closure, or you may get a better option after the new moon appears, November 11, plus two weeks. On the outside chance you don’t solve a home, property or family matter during either one of those two periods, the entry of Mars into your home sector at the start of January 2016 through early March 2016 may bring you all the conditions you need to enthusiastically move forward.



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