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Happy Birthday Leo!

Susan Miller

July 31, 2014


Over the past year, you’ve been on the sidelines, waiting your turn at being in the spotlight. To be crowned celestial favorite, you had to wait for Jupiter, the great good fortune planet, to revolve completely around the Sun, a process that always takes 12 years. Jupiter spends one year in each sign he visits. Now, lo and behold, it’s your turn, and Jupiter entered Leo this year on July 16, to stay nearly 13 months, until August 11, 2015. The last time you had a birthday year as special as the one coming up, it spanned mid-2002 to mid-2003. Chances are, you’ll like this coming year even more.

Your wonder year will be a thrilling time for you and very likely will become your favorite year of the entire decade. You will need to know precisely what you want to happen next and the steps you will need to take to capture your dream. You can have all that you desire if you are organized and have your priorities in order. Many delicious opportunities will be offered to you, but it would be a mistake to accept them all. You should not spread yourself too thin—chose the ones with the greatest potential and that have the greatest long-term benefits.

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You’re at your best when you are in charge, leading the brigade, infusing the troops dramatically with enthusiasm and vision. The royal Leo does better than most signs, and you will have your moment in the sun, dear Leo. You will be meeting many more people than usual in coming weeks and months, and among them, you will make a number of fine contacts, including several influential, successful VIPs. Higher-ups will be impressed with your work and may offer to lend a hand. You must be ready to answer precisely and concisely the type of help you need to accelerate your progress. If you are starting a business and need venture capital, have your business plan ready and check for accuracy.

In matters of love, having Jupiter in one’s sign—as you do now—is considered an enviable position. If you are single, your best months to find your soulmate will be in August. After that, be sure to have your holiday wardrobe ready, for your next big opportunity to enjoy thrilling romance will start at the end of November (as you approach Thanksgiving) and will extend through early December 2014.

While the first half of 2015 will bring lots of opportunities to meet someone extra special, keep your eye on the full moon of June 2, 2015, a date that may prove to be the most enchanting of all your birthday year for love. If you have already found love, and are dating seriously, you may now get engaged or married.

Your career will reap benefits from Jupiter in Leo this year as well. Your most important month for career success will be in November. You may get the answer to a proposal you made an important client or hear about a position you interviewed for near the full moon November 6, 2014. At that time, you will be able to take advantage of the fluid career situation in your company or industry, possibly quite suddenly. Old, brittle structures will be breaking down, and you will see a golden opportunity for you to take advantage of the changes happening before you and move in to fill the gaps by offering fresh ideas and showcasing your talents. You may see shifts in regard to the management of your company, with clients or the industry conditions. Any new job you discuss or take on will offer an impressive title and an increase in your status.

On May 18, the full moon in your house of career, you may be offered a job with considerably more power and responsibility than you had in your last position. This offer will be very flattering. With Saturn opposing that new moon, you may be concerned about whether you will be able to juggle heavy responsibilities simultaneously at work and at home, especially if you have small children. The position will be yours if you want it—you can get to decide what to do. If you do take it, it will represent reward for years of hard work, and you may need new clothes to wear to fit your new title. Many eyes will be on you from that point on, and you may need to meet the press.

Home, housing, or property matters may have been on your mind over the past year. A matter involving one of these areas may have proven tricky to fix ever since Saturn entered this part of your chart, in October 2012. Be patient. By the new moon eclipse in Scorpio, October 23, 2014, you may find an ideal solution to your real estate or domestic dilemma. By the time this year is over and you enter 2015, you will feel the pressure lift in this area of your life.

A glorious vacation to an exotic distant foreign location seems to be in the cards. Your mood will be adventurous, and you will be eager to take a trip to an international location you’ve never visited. Plan to travel at the end of February or in March 2015 when Mars will be coaxing you to pack and go. Or, you if you prefer, you can wait for the new moon April 18 plus two weeks, an equally energetic time for you to plan an important getaway. That new moon will be strong because it will light your distant travel sector as well. Jupiter in Leo will not only make you long to see more of the world, but will make the trip affordable, even for fine accommodations. If you take your trip in mid-to-late April, your trip may be work-related. Even so, if you do go abroad for business, you will be able to combine fun and sightseeing between meetings, and enjoy every minute you will be gone. Your business talks will go well, too, providing the cherry on top of the cake.

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