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LIbra Horoscope

Happy Birthday Libra!

Susan Miller

September 23, 2014


If any sign needs good news, it’s you, Libra. You have been buffeted first by Saturn (gone now) then by Uranus (still there) and the eclipses in Libra and opposite sign of Aries (ongoing). That is a lot of planetary activity requiring much adjustment and flexibility from you, but you have stepped up your game and have proven you are up to any challenge. When you look back over the past three years, you see how much you have learned and how strong you have become. You are an inspiration to all who are around you, and by now have much to show for your efforts. You have grown in maturity and authority, and you now know for sure that you won’t fall down with the next powerful gust of wind. You have found the power within you, the most precious gift of all.

This coming year, you have new assistance from Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, now in Leo, having entered on July 16, 2014. Jupiter is set to stay until August 11, 2015. This is great news, for Jupiter in a fire sign can help you much more effectively than in the previous signs Jupiter has toured recently. As a Libra, you are an air sign, and fire and air go together perfectly. (Jupiter is in a fire sign, Leo.) It has been twelve years since Jupiter has been in Leo and the place it will tour now, so that’s a long time. In many ways, life will seem brand new and much brighter.

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Now that Jupiter is in your eleventh house of friendship, your friends will go out of their way to help you in ways that will touch your heart. They will give you wise advice on a variety of topics, and in some ways, their advice will match that of top professionals you might have paid for advice in the past. For example, a friend may give you a tip on a house that is about to hit the market, similar to one that you are looking to buy – and turns out to be ideal for your needs.

That’s not all! All sorts of groups will be lucky for you too, so consider joining a real life professional organization or a social club, and attend meetings. If your industry offers interesting trade shows or conventions from time to time, choose one or two to attend and bring plenty of business cards. Also, be determined to get involved in social media -you will see benefits to joining. If you have always wanted to volunteer to work on a charity or for a political candidate you believe in, do so during this birthday year. In any of these types of groups, you would meet like-minded people and one or two may become good friends. If you are single, you may meet a new romantic partner who shares your passions. All your golden luck will emanate in your friendship house.

This same area of the horoscope, the eleventh house, that rules all that I’ve been discussing with you – friendships, groups and charities – and something else. This house was deemed by ancient astrologers to be the “house of hopes and wishes.” This means that one important dream dear to you is likely to be materialized in this coming birthday year. You stand an excellent chance of making your dream a reality. First, gather as much information as you need to tackle your plan, and then take steps – tiny steps if necessary – to make it happen. No matter how big a stretch your dream may represent to you, you have a solid chance of seeing that dream come true. Remember to ask friends for tips, references and more – they will be standing by waiting to assist you.

Now let’s look ahead to the best time to schedule travel. You would enjoy traveling to nearby cities or to the countryside to enjoy pretty country trails, perhaps to go hiking or camping, if you go between September 13 and October 26. The Columbus Day weekend falls in this period, so maybe a long weekend away would be ideal whether to view fall foliage, to go apple picking or picnicking with your family. The area of your chart lit up at that time indicates short trips, not long ones, but nevertheless, they would be great fun and you would return home feeling rested and recharged.

After that, Mars will energize your home sector in a big way from October 26 to December 4. If you have put off necessary repairs or cleaning maintenance, this would be the time to do it, for you will have your home in beautiful condition by the time holiday guests come calling. Browse stores and magazines for ideas to refresh your space, for you can now add touches to make it look more modern and reflective of your evolving taste. The new moon, December 21 will take all the planning and actions you made during the proceeding period and help you bring those plans to a new, more advanced stage. The end of December and start of January might be a good time to move to a new address, purchase or sell property, or buy new furniture, linens or other home goods that you will love forever.

When it comes to love and fun, lucky you, Mars will enliven your social and romantic life from December 4 to January 12, just in time for the year-end holidays. If you are single and unattached, you may meet someone very special at the holiday parties you attend. It’s time to look your most glamorous, and to step out and see what the world has to offer to you. Your stars are beaming brightly, dear Libra.

I will admit that some Libra currently attached have had a hard time in love. If your birthday falls in September, you are looking at a much-improved picture in your new birthday year. Those born on or near October 8 are currently dealing with Uranus, so it’s important to go slowly when starting a relationship. Savor those early courtship days like you would a fine piece of chocolate. Rushing a relationship would be out of step with the planetary vibrations – take the time to learn all you can about your partner before getting more involved. If love is real, going slowly will help you build a firm foundation for the future.

Uranus is testing either your romantic relationship or a key business alliance but there is no way to know which may bring you concern. Either way, the same rules apply to these types of relationships as it does to single Libras. Take the time to learn a great deal about your proposed partner, for that way, you will be in a better position to build a strong, loving communication with each other.

Bolster your health all year, as you may, at times, feel you are under some strain, simply because you will be very busy, and because many around you will depend on you.

In your career, you may start the year off with a bang, and at the full moon, January 5, 2015 you may find you making a celebratory announcement about a new position you have just accepted or that you will soon win. With Neptune prominent, if you were to accept a new position at this full moon, the job would allow you many ways to put your individual stamp of individuality, creativity and originality on your work. You would have a superb chance to stand out from all others in your industry and at the same time, have great fun doing it.

If you don’t take a new position in early January 2015, six months later, at the new moon, July 15, 2015 you will experience an even more critical time for professional advancement. If you want to find a position that matches your qualifications and experience, and that would offer you an immediate step up into a more powerful, responsible spot, this new moon will be the most likely time that would happen. Do not be on vacation in the two weeks that follows that lovely new moon or you may miss a superb chance to move ahead of your competition. Mars will be in your house of fame and honors, giving you courage, determination and drive, a big advantage to you at this time. You won’t have problems getting appointments to see influential VIPs from mid-to-late of July. In fact, you seem to already be on their short list of stars-in-the-making, so put on your favorite interview outfit and go in with supreme confidence that you can win the prestigious job you want in July.

The end of August 2015 will bring incredible fun with friends. You will be able to spontaneously travel if you like, as well as find other ways to relax and unwind. Uranus, planet of surprise, will be beautifully angled to the new moon, August 14, 2015, so you can be footloose and fancy free, as spontaneous as you dare to be in the two weeks that follows that delicious new moon. This means the second half of August would be a grand time to take a vacation, especially if you go with friends, or if attached, if you double up with other couples, say in a cottage rental by the sea.

Dear Libra, let down your hair, and move your hips to the music. Friends will help you forget everyday cares, and you’ll enjoy their warmth and camaraderie.

Your coming birthday year, although not one completely devoid of challenges, will bring a huge improvement over the past several years. Dear Libra, you deserve the best, and it appears the universe has gathered up lots of goodies for you to keep you smiling. Happy birthday!

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