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Happy Birthday, Libra!

Susan Miller

September 23, 2016


Over the past years, you have been served up many challenges, and you met them straight on with a good-natured spirit and a sense of practicality. As a Libra, you look for fairness in all things. But because of an unusual buildup of several difficult aspects from large, slow-moving outer planets that came at you to handle (one after another since 2011), your recent past has not been easy. Yet with each challenge, you gained wisdom and strength, and those around you admired your courage and fortitude. Inside, you must have occasionally wondered when the cosmic tests would be over. The answer could be now.

Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, entered Libra on September 9 of this year for the first time in 12 years and stands poised to shower you with good fortune in just about every area of your life. As you read your birthday forecast, Jupiter is already in place and ready to help you. You will rarely be given such a spectacular emerald birthday year like this one in the course of life, for Jupiter takes 12 years to circle the Sun.

As Jupiter travels along his elliptical path, he bestows each sign with approximately one full year of his premium attention and gifts. It has not been since September 2004 through October 2005 that you have seen Jupiter come to Libra as you have now, until October 10, 2017, a full year from now. Last month you were crowned celestial favorite—possibly due to receive the gifts and privileges that role entails. This coming birthday year will be all the sweeter because you might have had a not-so-easy time—the contrast will be stunning and very welcome.

In the year that Jupiter will spend with you, from now until October 10, 2017, you will likely see many happy developments. You could make the acquaintance of many new people, some of whom might help you enormously in your career, and others who might bring you great happiness in your private life. Among the new people in your life, you will find cheerful, successful types whose optimism, determination, and energy will motivate you to tackle new goals of your own. Your friends will likely be there to help you move forward with advice and introductions, so it will pay to think big during such a special time. Several of the people you meet now may stay in your life a very long time and become close friends, for in this birthday year, you are starting a new life cycle.

Increasingly, you could be in the right place at the right time, being offered possibilities that might have eluded you in the past. You may be tempted to agree to all the offers, but to do that would spread your energy too thin. Choose the ones with the greatest long-term potential—and ones that satisfy your soul.

If you are single and hoping for love, the coming 12 months could easily bring the right person for you to marry, as the ancient astrologers always wrote of the power of Jupiter in one’s own sign to bring lasting happiness and love. In fact, for you, having Jupiter in Libra is the most reliable, powerful, and enduring of all aspects to bring you that possibility.

If you are attached, you could find this year to be a prosperous one. This may give you and your partner many new options of things to do together, such as traveling far and wide, buying or remodeling your home, starting a family or a business together, or doing any number of exciting projects to make this coming period a banner time for you.

If your birthday falls from October 11 to October 22, you still have Uranus opposed to the Sun in 2017. This means partners may bring surprising or unpredictable news. Get to you know your romantic and/or business partner very well, for it is through committed relationships that life’s surprises will most likely come to you.

Libras with September birthdays, or those that fall at the start of October, until October 10, have already felt this influence, and it will never again be experienced in your lifetime. (Uranus takes 84 years to circle the Sun, and hence, it will be another 84 years before you feel this difficult aspect.) Some Libras did not feel this jarring influence of Uranus through a partnership, but rather by having a health concern or by helping a partner (in love or business) whose health needed attention.

Almost all of us have this aspect once in our lives, assuming we live to 84 years of age. (Everyone feels this at a different age, depending on the sign Uranus is traveling—mine came at age 14). Be glad you are getting it done and over at this time. By being careful to protect your feelings, your health and assets will likely allow you to get through this period more easily.

Whether you are single or attached, you could have your best, most intense and romantic period when Mars orbits Aquarius from November 9 until December 19 this year, for Mars will fill your house of true love—and at the same time, signal lucky Jupiter in Libra. Both Aquarius and Libra are air signs that blend beautifully. The presence of Mars in Aquarius could lead to a flurry of invitations to holiday celebrations, dinners, and other gatherings. Get your evening outfits ready, for you will be stepping out, dressed to the nines.

More jewel-like aspects arrive with the new moon, January 27, 2017, likely setting off days of breathtaking romance that will have the power to last. Take that new moon seriously—it will herald the possibility that you may meet someone special or find ways to enjoy your present partner and build a memory.

Just in case you don’t know how lucky you could be in love, here is another day that is due to be special. Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2017, will find the transiting moon in Libra, favoring you. At that time, Venus and Mars, the celestial lovers, will be both in your opposite sign of Aries, filling your seventh house of commitment and marriage. If you are already wed, make it a point to make plans and to flirt with your partner like you did when you met. The response from your partner will likely be delightfully gratifying.

Exciting travel overseas will be a possibility in the coming year, as Jupiter will encourage you to broaden your horizons. If you assume travel is not possible, keep an open mind, for Jupiter not only brings opportunity but the means to take advantage of it. Jupiter is linked to all kinds of happy surprises!

If you like, you might be able to direct Jupiter’s energy into helping you to attain an advanced degree at the university, too, for Jupiter’s influence is also known to be intellectually broadening. Watch the time near the full moon, December 13 of this year, and also the end of May 2017 for happy developments regarding travel and higher education.

In your career, this year you could make steady progress. The weeks that Mars will light your sector of honors, awards, and achievement span June 4 to July 20, and they will be the most likely time for you to get a promotion or a call about a fabulous new position. During that time in 2017, you may have talks about a job that could give you much greater influence and responsibility.

Within that period, the June 23 new moon will be packed with planetary energy. Make it known among friends and colleagues that you are willing to assume more complex work, to learn more about your specialty, and to entertain offers. If you plan to travel, see if you can do so in May (a wonderful time to take a foreign trip) or in August (when friends will surround you).

Your home and property could get lots of attention from the end of September through early November, a time when Mars will help you strategize your plan for improvements. You might schedule these activities in October, just in time for the coming holiday season.

You may also give your home focused attention in January, thanks to a darling new moon at this year’s end, December 30 that will motivate you to get started on all your home-related projects. Although it’s true that fewer than usual people move in January, you might. If not, you can renovate, refurbish, and design a fresh new modern look, whether on a grand scale, or a small one, with new linens, tableware, kitchen items, and accessories for your entire decor.

That new moon, December 30, will set off many home-related actions for you and is coming just in time to invite friends and family to your beautiful, stylish New Year’s Eve party.

You have a dazzling 12 months ahead! Happy Birthday, Libra!

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    Susan I very thankful to you finally Libra are in good place….I wish you so good health…you give us all so much luv


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