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Happy Birthday, Pisces!

Susan Miller

February 17, 2017


You are moving into much more satisfying times, for you may be closer to a career victory than you realize. You have hosted Saturn in your 10th house of fame and honors since December 23, 2014, and during the past two years, you have probably been working harder than you’ve ever worked before. The difference from previous years is that you are working with purpose and learning to excel in a new arena that should turn you into a force to be reckoned with professionally. Saturn uses “tough love” to teach, so the trials and tribulations you have gone through haven’t always been easy, but your efforts should prove worthwhile. Saturn will show you that he can bring out the very best in you. In life, it is always the things we worked hardest for that ultimately we count among our proudest accomplishments.

Saturn does not give rewards during the time he tutors you, so you will need a little patience before you could see the fruits of your labors. That means you will have to work in blind faith that everything should come in due time. Saturn is a specialist whose time is valuable—he will continue to work with you in your professional house until December 19, 2017, and at that point, and at the end of this training period, you should get respect, admiration, and opportunities to advance. You might be doing work that has international application, thus spreading your influence far and wide, especially at year’s end.

The lessons you glean now from Saturn should serve you well. He may be a tough teacher, but there is method to his madness. Saturn won’t have time to return to this part of your chart to tutor you again until 2044 to 2047, as his journey around the Sun takes 29 years. His lessons are vivid because they will need to remain with you for three decades. If you do learn a great deal from Saturn now, you will have less to learn when he returns in 2044. If you want to be perceived as sophisticated, knowledgeable, and confident, you would be wise to consider your image and dress that way. You may even want to ask a stylist to suggest a new look.

This year, Saturn in Sagittarius will finally make his exit from your 10th house of honors and awards on December 19, 2017. An important new moon will appear one day earlier, December 18, in the same area of your chart—your solar 10th house of professional achievement and advancement. All new moons have an area of influence for two weeks after a new moon appears. That new moon could be a portal to the opportunity you’ve earned from the work you’ve done since December 2014.

That new moon will arrive conjunct Saturn, so you may have a major career change or a new, prestigious client. A new position could come with greater responsibility.

Knowing that the year-end holidays in December 2017 won’t be relaxing but rather busy with professional duties, you might want to plan your own holiday in January 2018. By then, planets will fill your 11th house of friendships, fun, people, and events. You may want to travel, carve out time for a favorite pastime, and generally kick up your heels!

You will experience one period when Venus will retrograde, March 5 to April 15. When Jupiter changes signs on October 10, 2017, Jupiter will move into fellow water sign Scorpio, fill your solar ninth house, and bring other benefits. This is an intellectually broadening part of the chart and covers your international travel and any working relationships you may have with people abroad. Being a house of learning, adventure, and broadening your thinking, it covers higher education. While this part of the chart rules taking information in, it also rules giving information out—this area should be lucky for you from October 2017 to November 2018.

When Jupiter is in Scorpio, you will have other benefits. Jupiter can help you more effectively when in a water sign like yours, so you may become more optimistic, stronger, and more fit. With Jupiter in your element, you might get more favor from influential people and could increasingly find yourself in the right place at the right time.

Jupiter aligns with the Sun on October 26, making it the luckiest day of the year. If you travel, then it could be a magical trip, and if you go with your sweetheart or spouse, you could build lifelong memories.

For romance, when Mars enters Pisces on June 4 and stays until July 20, you might see your social life sizzle, and if you hope to meet someone to love, that is your month to circulate. Attached? You may have more time for your partner, and you both should enjoy the memories you build together.

Within this period, watch for the lovely new moon of June 23 and the days that follow. This following two weeks could be some of your sweetest for love. Late October and November should be thrilling!

You have an amazing year ahead filled with possibilities for fun, financial reward, career advancement, learning, travel, and time for love as well. It’s a big year and one you’ll long remember. Are you excited yet? You should be!

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