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Happy Birthday Sagittarius!

Susan Miller

November 22, 2013


As your birthday year opens, you will be feeling luckier than a leprechaun. Money will have a way of making its way to your door during the first six months of 2014, and the money you see may come to you in wide various forms, from what astrologers call the eighth house of “other people’s money.” This is the area that will continue to glitter for you from now until July 16, 2014 and actually is a trend that started in June 26, 2013. It has been a long time since you have had Jupiter’s assistance in this house—not since 2001-2002.

There are many ways you may benefit. Perhaps it’s the money you need to start your business, or a mortgage or home improvement loan so you can complete your plans for the house or condo of your dreams. You may be named in an inheritance, or awarded a scholarship or financial aid you need to pay for your tuition. You may be awarded a generous settlement in a divorce or in the division of profits at the end of a business partnership.

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After that July 16, 2014, Jupiter, your ruler, will leave your financial sector and move into fire-sign Leo for the first time since mid-2002 to mid-2003. Leo is a sign that blends beautifully with your fire-sign Sagittarius Sun. Once Jupiter, giver of gifts and happiness, enters Leo, a sign whose motto is “go big or go home,” Jupiter will help you travel far and wide, to a city overseas that you most likely have never seen.

You may say, “I can’t travel, for I have responsibilities at home and at work, and anyway, tickets for an overseas trip are too expensive right now.” To that I say, keep in mind Jupiter not only brings you the opportunity, but will also supply the means for you to enjoy it. Your boss or client may ask you to take a trip to a foreign city for work. Or, you may win a trip to a foreign country this year, so enter contests. Or your kindly aunt may ask you to come along with her to see many countries of Europe.

The ninth house is where your good fortune planet, Jupiter, will reside from mid-2014 to mid-2015, and this house governs other areas in life that you can benefit from, too. If you have considered entering the university for any type of degree, you have the best year in twelve years to do so. Apply to the colleges you’d be overjoyed to be admitted to, and while you will need to be sensible and realistic about your choices, I urge you to not edit your list too tightly. Your luck will be strong in this area.

Have you ever hoped to write a book or write a cover feature story for a national, respected consumer magazine? Have you ever dreamed of writing a screenplay for a TV documentary or important overseas segment? Hone your skills, for Jupiter in Leo will help you get closer to your dream. The ninth house, where Jupiter will reside for a year, rules the publishing and broadcasting industries, for this house deals with the dissemination of information. Taking classes in creative writing may have benefits beyond all that you learn. If you have talent, your teacher may bring you under her wing to help you with contacts and a reference.

If you are serious about a writing career or one in broadcasting, it may help to know Sagittarius is known to be a masterful storyteller, writing the kind of rich, engaging stories that become blockbusters. This year, learn the right way to write a book proposal and editorial query letters.

In keeping with this trend, you will continue to host Saturn in your twelfth house for just about the entire year, considered the finest place to hold this taskmaster teacher planet to build discipline when working alone on a long-term project.

Consider joining a professional organization to keep up with industry trends, and social clubs to widen your circle this year. Mars will remain in Libra and your house of groups and friendship a very long time—nearly eight months. This is a trend that will start December 7, 2013 and that will continue until July 25, 2014.

Being part of a community of people who have the same goals as you, or who share the same concerns about society can help you make many lasting friends. You may decide to help a political candidate get elected, or work on a humanitarian effort or charity and make a big difference to that group that may have been overlooked or under-served by society.

Join a group to better cope with a recent psychological concern that, with the help of the group leader, you can get beyond and find comfort, having addressed it. Although you may grow away from one or two present day friends, you are likely to make many new contacts and friendships during the first half of the year. You will enjoy the new interests your new friends bring to you. Joining a charity effort or other community event may be the way you also will meet an important romantic partner.

In your career, you will have a chance to make a name for yourself within days of the March 16, 2014 full moon, which will turn a spotlight on a professional victory you achieved.

An even better career phase will come later, at the new moon August 25 plus ten days. Being that a new moon is at peak power the day it appears and then always decreases gradually in strength with each passing day until it is “spent” ten days later, be ready to interview for the big position when the call comes through by having a polished resume ready as well as any “show and tell” elements you need to present your talents. Make sure you ask many questions during the interview. Go the extra mile to gain clarity.

In regard to your home, if you need to move or fix up your present living space, plan on doing investigation of our options at the new moon March 1. At that time, if you look, you will find several suitable solutions for your needs and you may be very excited to choose one. You have Father Neptune residing in your fourth house of home from now until 2026, and at times Neptune will be tempted to bring the sea with him to your home. Protect your home against any sort of water damage by getting the right insurance.

In matters of love, if you are dating, the new moon of March 30 will bring you in contact with new romantic interests, and you would be wise to circulate.

No matter if you have been dating short or long time, the full moon lunar eclipse, October 8, will test your relationship’s long-term validity. Eclipses bring much information to light, and a lot of news, so if there is something that has been hidden in your alliance, you will find out about it. Alternatively, if your relationship is strong and healthy, you will discover that too, and have an opportunity for the two of you to grow closer than ever. Attached Sagittarius may feel ready this year to add a baby to the family, an exciting prospect or do something special for a child you have now.

You have an amazing year ahead, dear Sagittarians, with progress possible on every level, and with money and all kinds of chances to travel far and wide. What a year you have in store!

Happy birthday to our favorite fashion Sagittarius Billy Reid, Katie Holmes and Milla Jovovich.

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