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Happy Birthday, Sagittarius!

Susan Miller

November 29, 2016


The year 2016 was to be a magical one for your career. You may have seen evidence of this in the latter part of the year, but if not, you need to allow all the seeds you planted from August 2015 to September 2016 to come up in your garden. The coming period you are now entering represents the next gestation of this cycle. You will likely be gratified with the results between now and a year from now, all the way to October 2017. Two months ago—September 2016—may have brought major news about your career, and more could come in late February and early March 2017.

Now that fortune Jupiter, your ruler, is firmly ensconced in Libra and your 11th house, you are about to enter a much more social phase. You could find new faces quickly pouring into your life. These will be people you will want to know better, for they will have fascinating passions that could motivate you to do more in your own life. Among your new acquaintances, you will likely meet highly successful types who will want to help you get ahead in your career. So strong is this trend that you will be excited to find several new acquaintances could become close friends, likely to remain in your life for many years. If you are single, Jupiter in Libra might also bring you an introduction to an important new romantic interest.

Jupiter in your 11th house may also bring you a much-desired dream that you almost gave up on grasping. This is because this part of your chart rules hopes and wishes, that fairy-tale part of the chart that could allow a material or spiritual wish to come true.

You are still hosting Uranus in your house of true love. This trend would affect you if you were single or dating, but not if you are firmly committed, for marriage and commitment are found in another part of your chart. (As an aside, marriage will be highly emphasized in May and early June 2017.) Astrologers know that where Uranus is found transiting in the chart is a reliable indicator of where you seek and subsequently experience your greatest excitement in life. The problem is, with Uranus in your house of love, you may have too much excitement—much more than you might have bargained for or ever thought possible.

If you feel your relationship has been uneven, you can work toward finding a better balance in 2017. Uranus will remain in this area of your chart until March 2019. While Uranus remains in your love sector, romance may sizzle, but you might want to make a conscious effort to keep your new relationship from heating up too quickly. If it does, the alliance might rise like a soufflé and then sink just as quickly. Your aim will be to build a rock-solid foundation and let the relationship unfold slowly. While you won’t be able to completely take the unpredictable elements out of the alliance—nor would you want to do that, for it provides part of the fun—you can find a way to bring the emotional extremes toward a happy medium that you will find pleasing and more importantly, have a relationship that could last.

Saturn is still in Sagittarius, a trend that started in December 2015 and that will continue until December 2017. Saturn is the planet that teaches us the values of taking on responsibility and working hard toward goals that are important. You may have chosen a goal last year that could have been well beyond your ability to handle, but you might be ready to do so now.

Or, if you did not then commit to something in your life, you will do so in 2017. You may choose to tackle a major goal that would change and embellish your life in an important, fundamental way. Of course, you could choose one (or at most two) goals to accomplish, for each one would require a lot of concentration and adjustment to a new role.


Saturn never brings rewards while you are under his tutelage but always leaves a special gift by the door after making his exit (in this case, from Sagittarius), which will be in December 2017. The maturity you gain this year should last forever. In 2044, Saturn will be back to give you a refresher course. Second and third visits of Saturn, coming every 28.5 years, are always easier, for you may have learned much of what you need to know about life during Saturn’s first visit. (Saturn takes 28.5 years to circle the Sun, so his visits are rare.)

This coming December 2016, near month’s end, might likely be a time for stylish home entertaining. In January you may be focused on remodeling and upgrading the look of your space. If you need to add one or two beautiful new pieces of furniture, you will likely find many options.

Alternatively, you may be searching for, and finding, a charming vacation cottage to lease when the weather turns warmer, or to finally finding time to attend to home repairs. You will likely be very productive when it comes to home-related plans, and you can create quite a beautiful environment in which to live.

Opportunities to find and enjoy love will be very strong in February, early March, and April. Venus will be retrograde from March 5 to April 15, so a past love may come back in your life at that time and give you the chance to rekindle your relationship if you discover you both are still in love.

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