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Happy Birthday Scorpio!

Susan Miller

October 27, 2014


Since October 2012 you have been dealing with Saturn, the taskmaster planet, in Scorpio, and busy assuming new responsibilities. This “tough love” planet may have harsh ways of transmitting his wisdom, but now, more than two years later, large goals that were previously beyond your reach are ones you should be able to handle easily now. Saturn teaches that nothing in life comes for free. To have accomplishments that make you proud, you were required to show an all or nothing commitment to them, for Saturn would expect no less. You have grown in authority and maturity and have come to realize that to accomplish great things in life, you need a plan and a structure. This teaching was Saturn’s gift to you. Now stronger and more independent than ever, you may feel practically ready to rule the world.

Saturn’s visit to your sign Scorpio will end on December 23, 2014. Saturn will return briefly through retrograde motion back to Scorpio for 13 weeks next summer, from June 14 to September 17, 2015, but those weeks will fly by. You are already familiar with Saturn’s demands, so for all practical purposes you will be free of Saturn by December 2014. After he moves into Sagittarius on September 17, 2015, Saturn will not return to Scorpio until November 2041. Once free of Saturn, life will take on a lighter, breezier feel, and your energy, enthusiasm and sense of humor will return.

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One of the biggest areas of luck and happiness for coming months will derive from Jupiter, the good fortune planet, now in Leo and lighting your professional tenth house of fame and honors from now until August 11, 2015. You are likely to scale great heights in your career, and VIPs might go out of their way to help you with tips, advice and references. Mid-February may be an important time when the full moon may bring an announcement of an important promotion or assignment to a new company.
The new moon of August 14 will be a major moment in your professional timeline. Opportunities to assume a top-level position will be bursting open like a big, juicy coconut, and you will want to take full advantage. All new moons are strong for ten days after they appear, and the conversations you have at that time will be critical to your future. If you are self-employed, you may announce a very high profile, prestigious client during the phases listed.

You are still feeling the presence of the eclipses in Scorpio and opposite sign of Taurus, which might have tested your commitment to your partner, in love or business. You were the subject of eclipses in Scorpio and Taurus (ruling your committed partner) since eclipses began coming by in November 2012, every five and a half months. Eclipses are always on a mission to give you full disclosure, and sometimes what they reveal is shocking. Still, if a relationship is strong, an eclipse will simply move a relationship that has become stagnant to a more vibrant stage. One thing is certain: Once an eclipse has delivered its message, there is no chance of going back to conditions of earlier days. The only path is forward.

In 2014, you had one key eclipse in the spring, on April 28, and then another, friendlier eclipse occurred on October 23, 2014. That last one, a solar eclipse in Scorpio on October 23, was to be the last eclipse in your sign for many years. You can now follow your own agenda with reasonable certainty that you will not be pushed off course by sudden news of future eclipses in your sign. That eclipse or some of the earlier ones may have had you thinking about changes you wanted to make for yourself, for eclipses in one’s own sign often present us with new, updated visions of our lives. We become energized to delete old goals that we’ve outgrown and obligations that no longer are meaningful, and to replace them with new ones.

As you begin your birthday year, you may be sorting out changes that have occurred in 2015 in regard to one person, whether in love or closely tied to you in business. Although you may not immediately see the truth of this, you will later.
Your home will be your main focus when Mars tours Aquarius from December 5, 2014 to January 12, 2015. If you need to move, buy, sell or lease property, you will find options during Mars’ tour of your home sector at that time, even though the holidays are not considered the best time to look. The new moon of January 20 should also bring up a plethora of home-related opportunities. After that, you may have to wait until the full moon, July 31, to make changes, so see if you can make the first part of the year work for you.

For single Scorpios not in a serious relationship, romance should be thrilling from January 12 to February 19 when your ruler, Mars, will tour your fifth house of true love. Venus will travel close to her lover Mars during the same interval, and this is more evidence that you will become catnip to admirers. Then, just as Mars is leaving, the powerful new moon in Pisces will appear on February 18 and continue to make February one of your strongest months of the year for love. If attached, you can now have more fun together. If you are single, be sure to circulate! All that you do during these phases of 2015 can have the power to change your life forever. This is a potent period for meeting your one true love.

You will have a very busy summer for your career—opportunities will be among the most important in the past 12 years—so it would be best take your vacation anytime from the end of October through November 2015 in time for your birthday. At that time, you will be in the mood to explore pretty locations not too far from home. With Capricorn present in your chart, the mountains may appeal to you, perhaps for skiing or simply enjoying the fresh, crystal clear air. You should return feeling fresh and new.

If you yen for a summer vacation, you can sneak in a fun one at the end of June or during July (the new moon of July 15 will help you pack and go), but you might want to be back by August when your career should bring some of the finest professional opportunities of your life. You are holding all aces, dear Scorpio!

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