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Happy Birthday Scorpio!

Susan Miller

October 23, 2013


Over the past year, you’ve become more focused on building a firm foundation for your life so that you could tackle bigger goals from your base. The reason for this new, “let’s gets down to business” attitude you are showing is that the great teacher planet, Saturn, has been in Scorpio a year, since October 5, 2012, and will stay until September 15, 2015. We only get two to three visits from Saturn in a lifetime, as it takes Saturn 29 years to circle the Sun; but when we do, we often count those years as some of the most important of our lives. Saturn may be the tough-love teacher, but you will remember all that you gained during this phase, and that wisdom will carry you forward through the next three decades.

Endeavors that you spent time on in the past may suddenly seem too frivolous for you to focus on now, for you have moved on to a new phase in life. This is natural; you are maturing and growing, and as you do, you may find certain goals need to be adjusted or jettisoned. You¹ve become seasoned, and experienced, and you are getting ready for challenges that just a short time ago would have been beyond your ability to handle.

Saturn rules the concept of time, so you may now notice that you value time intensely, for Saturn often makes us feel as though we are continually running out of time for all we need to do. Again, that’s natural—Saturn wants you to be energized toward performing at a high level of productivity. When this period is over, you will have plenty to be proud to have accomplished.

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The first experience with Saturn that comes to you sometime before 29.5 years old is generally the hardest, for usually we have much to learn. Subsequent visits of Saturn are far easier. Saturn rules history, maturity and long-term stability, and as we get older, we increasingly value Saturn’s gifts. The last time Saturn visited Scorpio it was from November 1982 to November 1985, and the next will come from November 2041 to October 2044. After Saturn¹s tutorial period is over, you be transformed into a stronger, leaner, wiser person, and be quite able to cope with a wide variety of life events.

Romantically, you are in a remarkably positive year to find true love. Jupiter, the good fortune planet, will be in water sign Cancer, considered a placement that is exalted in that sign, meaning Jupiter will be able to express its gifts of luck and happiness most easily. You may now find the person for you, or to grow closer to the one you are attached to now.

The year’s eclipses are currently in Scorpio and your opposite sign of Taurus, and those eclipses will help you to see and appreciate your talents, goals, and relationships in a new light. If you have been unhappy in love, the eclipses will ask you to confront those truths, and air your feelings. Eclipses are the most important tools the universe uses to create rapid, needed change, for the universe will not tolerate the status quo. The eclipse series that is so important to you in Scorpio and Taurus first started last year on April 25 and November 11, 2012. Perhaps one of those dates brought you news of significant change in one area of your life.

The series of Scorpio-Taurus eclipses continued this year, on April 25, 2013, and another will soon arrive on November 3, 2013. Next year, we will have two more eclipses in the Scorpio-Taurus series: April 29, and October 23, 2014.

Those eclipses and the one November 3 will speak clearly and urgently—change or the universe will make changes for you. Watch those dates, as some or all in this series will become vitally important to you, bringing major news about your relationships, health, domestic situation, career or finances– doubly so if the date of the eclipse falls on or close to your birthday.

These eclipses will illuminate your talents, values and experience, too, and assist you through events to choose a main direction to drive your life in the near future. You may abandon the former goals that no longer excite you, and choose several new ones. When it comes to love, you will become more centered, and come to a greater understanding of what you need to make you happy. After October 23, 2014, you will have no more eclipses in your sign for another nine years.

If you have been dating and feel you are in a strong relationship, you may now feel ready to get engaged or wed. The eclipses will coax you to make more of your relationship and not stick to the status quo. On the other hand, if you are in a relationship that is not good for you, may now find the courage to leave.

Eclipses test the strength of all your assumptions, and also the viability of your relationships and ventures. The universe wants you to spend your time wisely. Creating growth is an important element to this.

Any part of your life that is not able to withstand the gale force winds that some of the eclipses in the series will generate will blow away life faster than you can blink an eye. If you do not make decisions at eclipse time, the eclipse will make the decision for you, based on the weak links that may show up at eclipse time. It is always preferable to be in charge, and make decisions before you come to a crossroad.

If you are happy in your relationship, you will sail through this period easily, for it is unlikely one of the coming eclipses will have to reveal to you. If you notice problems, you can stay and work on that challenge together—you will always be in control—and you can work to fix what is broken.

The combination of hosting Saturn in Scorpio, plus the arrival of the eclipses suggests that you either recently went through a major lifestyle change, or soon will. The changes that have come or still will come will be positive and necessary. Indeed, the concept of continual change is one of the elements on which all of life is based, for planets are continually on the move, orbiting in deep space at various speeds and always bringing on new conditions. You may now leave the familiar to experience the new—and it will all be an exciting adventure.

In terms of romance, if you are single, you may fall in love in this coming birthday year. Watch for the March 1 new moon—that new moon and the two weeks to follow will be ideal for engendering new love. Plan to be out and about in the days following that important new moon.

Next, the harvest moon of September 8, 2014, plus or minus four days, may be quite memorable for love and bringing on an enchanting, tender experience. That new moon will deliver news within four days of this date.

This year one of your rulers, Mars, will remain in your very private twelfth house from December through July 2014, suggesting that you will work intently behind the scenes to perfect a project or goal dear to you. When you come to July 25, 2014, you will be ready to take your hard work public, a time others will be quite aware of your name. The new moon in your house of honors, awards, achievement and fame, will come two days later, on July 26, 2014, which represents a moment for professional opportunity. Chances are, it’ll be a time of reward, and your career will get a huge push forward. All the preparation you put into your career may pay off at that point.

Jupiter, planet of good fortune, will be in water sign Cancer from now through July 16, 2014, and be in a perfect position to support your career, love life, and health. Jupiter will also convey opportunity in other areas—specifically, you may travel abroad to a city you’ve never visited, or gain from contacts based abroad.

Publishing and broadcasting opportunities will be plentiful, and if you work in the media, your skills will be prized, with more sophisticated assignments and opportunities on the way. You will soon find that you are at precisely the right place at the right time to scoop up the right offers.

After Jupiter leaves Cancer, the “Great Benefic” will move to Leo, and shine in your tenth house of career and honors at the very pinnacle point of your chart. This will be the first time you’ve hosted this benefic planet in your career house in twelve years, not since August 2002 to August 2003. You will get enormous help from influential VIPs, so when they ask you how they can help you achieve your goals, have a concise answer ready. You can get all the help you ever dreamed of attaining—you just have to ask! Be diligent about getting all the career plans in place by mid-2014, for if you do, career offers that come in will shine brighter than diamonds in the sun.

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