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Happy Birthday Taurus!

Susan Miller

April 22, 2015


At the start of your birthday year, you will have an extraordinary chance to make your home your castle. Jupiter, the great planet of happiness and financial expansion, has been rotating through your home sector since July 2014, so you may have already begun work on making your residence more reflective of the true “you” inside. If not, you have time to do so, until mid-August, during this very rare and beneficial trend.

Jupiter heaps a considerable bounty and asks nothing in return. This wonder-planet’s mission is simply to reward you and bring you joy. You may have moved since last year (or soon will), or you may be in the process of staging the kitchen/bath renovation of your dreams. You may have sold property, be ready to rent a beautiful vacation home, or made an important property acquisition. Those would be big goals, but the scale of your home improvements may be smaller, for there is no predestination in astrology—you get to choose how to use any trend. You may paint several rooms or redecorate with new furniture in a way that thrills you. You would be wise to take full advantage of Jupiter’s presence, for come August 11, Jupiter will move on to another part of your chart, not to be back in your home and family sector until the year 2026. Additionally, Mars will go a long way to help you focus on your home, so take this opportunity to get everything done on your list.

During this trend, you may also enjoy considerable family support for your goals. You may be surprised by the enthusiastic and generous response you receive from your family to help you.

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July 1 may turn out to be a happy marker for home-related developments. Your ruler, Venus, will cuddle up with Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck—something that only happens typically once a year. This year, remarkably, Venus will do this on three separate occasions: on July 1, perfect for home-related initiations; on August 5, with the same focus on home and hearth; and October 25, for love and socializing.
If you have completed your home-related actions by early July, consider taking a holiday getaway over the Fourth of July weekend, July 1-5, when carefree fun could make this holiday your favorite of the summer.

After August 11, Jupiter will move into Virgo, a fellow earth sign like yours, and bring his sunshine to your fifth house of true love for the first time in twelve years. By this time, you may have finished feathering your nest, so now you will have a chance to invite love in.

You may have faced challenges in a close relationship over the past three years. If your birthday falls near the end of your sign, May 18-20, you may again feel frustrated with your relationship this summer, from June 14 to September 17. This will be a testing period and one that will train your attention on your romantic or business relationship—but only if you were born at the end of your sign. All members of your sign have faced this aspect; those born May 18-20 will be the last to feel it. If your relationship is strong you will know it. If your alliance is weak, you will have the choice to work on it or abandon it altogether. Keep your health strong, as Saturn opposed to the Sun (relatable to only those born May 18-20) can be very draining. Once Saturn moves on September 6, Saturn will not test your closest, committed relationship again until 2041, many decades from now. Each visit of Saturn becomes easier, too, as presumably you’ve learned so much from the previous tutoring of Saturn.

Your most spectacular day of the year for love and passion will be August 26—a day I call the Luckiest Day of the Year—when the Sun will conjoin Jupiter in Virgo. This day, and perhaps the whole week, should be devoted to carefree romance. The end of that week will bring a full moon in your friendship and social sector. If you cannot travel, Mars’ presence in your home sector may bring you the opportunity to entertain with flair, treating your friends and family with a sweet goodbye kiss to summer. October could bring more opportunities to find love if you are single or to fan the fires of passion if attached.

If you plan to do a makeover on your looks, act now, not later. Your ruler, Venus, will settle down for a long nap from July 25 to September 6. That’s not a time to initiate any radical changes, from a new haircut to a new makeup, but to enjoy the changes you had made earlier, outside these demarcation perimeters of Venus retrograde. When you want to make a radical change, you would want your ruler and planet of beauty in very strong shape. Of course, anytime is a fine time to schedule trims or spa treatments and to buy replacement cosmetics, as good grooming is always in high style!

Financially, Saturn is now beginning a three-year trek through your eighth house, allowing you to set up a firm structure for the future. With just a little effort, you could leave this period in December 2017 far better off than when you entered it.

In your career, June 22 and the days that surround that date could bring very thrilling news. The July 31 full moon may crystallize an offer, too, but with Uranus retrograde at the time (Uranus rules your natural tenth house of fame and fortune), it would be far better to wait to assertively pursue career goals after the new moon, February 8. Get your resume and creative portfolio ready by early February.

You have a spectacular outlook, dear Taurus, for your birthday year ahead. You have faced most of your toughest challenges over the past three years and showed enormous personal growth. Now leaner, smarter, and armed with an aura of authority, you can march confidently toward a very powerful future, feeling more control and having a wide canvas upon which to paint your dearest dreams.

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