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Happy Birthday Virgo!

Susan Miller

August 25, 2015


Mother Nature creates the harvest around the time of your birthday, and many more fruits and vegetables in September. It’s a time of abundance.

You are naturally inclined to be useful and productive, and to that end, you often put others’ interests before your own. This birthday year, from now until September 2016, you will enter your most gratifying period in more than a decade. You will likely be rewarded for all your hard work, sensitivity and compassion over the past years. It’s time to think about you for a change and to enjoy all the goodies of the universe. It’s been a long time since you’ve been chosen to be the celestial favorite, and now you might increasingly find yourself at the right place at precisely the right time.

The universe could be showering you with good fortune in many areas of your life. Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, is now orbiting in Virgo for the first time since mid-2003 and mid-2004.

Your new golden epoch started recently, on August 11, 2015 and will continue until September 9, 2016—a period of nearly 13 months. Influential people might go out of their way to help you get ahead, and in the coming weeks and months, you will make many important new contacts and friendships—some of which will form the foundation of your life for many years to come.

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If you are single, you are likely to be surrounded by friendly faces during this time, including one or two intriguing people you will want to know better. According to ancient astrologers, the year that Jupiter tours one’s own sign (for you, that’s Virgo) is the very best year for meeting your one true love. If you are attached, this could be an ideal year to make a deeper commitment.

You might travel to at least one important, awe-inspiring city overseas, for Jupiter will want to broaden your horizons. If you hope to go back to school or live, work or study in a foreign country, focus on that goal, for in your extraordinary upcoming 12 months as “celestial favorite,” you will soon discover that almost nothing will be beyond your reach.

Your health is likely to become more robust. If you have artistic leanings, this year your creative output will blossom beautifully, so take the time to nurture your talent. Soon you will feel exceptionally optimistic and excited, and rightly so—you will have so much going for you. It may be tempting to agree to all the opportunities that may be presented this year, but you will need to remain choosy or you will spread yourself too thin.

You may have received a glimpse of the fantastic things to come at the end of August, when planetary activity was very strong and positive for you. The new family of eclipses will be in Virgo and Pisces, coming by every six months for two years. These cosmic events are always in a hurry to sweep out all that is old and outworn in your life so that you can replace those elements with something or someone more suitable for your future.

Big moments in your timeline, when important changes or breakthroughs will surface, will be the dates of the following eclipses: September 13, 2015 and next year, March 8, September 1 and September 16, 2016. If your birthday falls near one of these dates (or oppose March 8, on September 8), you will be strongly affected by the eclipses, and they may trigger events that rapidly move you from one realm of life to another. Changes will suit your evolving level of maturity. Steps that you were not ready to take just a year or two ago may seem right for you now.

If your birthday falls on September 22, then you may have already felt the first eclipse in the series, March 20, 2015 in your opposite sign of Pisces, spotlighting your closest partnership. This year, your longing to stabilize your life will be strong, and your faith in your ability to handle bigger responsibilities will grow steadily.

With eclipses in Virgo-Pisces now coming by for the first time since 2006 and 2007, life won’t bumble along, but rather speed up, and you may feel as though you are living life on fast-forward. The productive side of your Virgo nature always wants to see progress, so this trend will please you.

Saturn is now ensconced in your fourth house of home and family, and Saturn often asks for sacrifice in pursuit of a higher goal in relation to the house it visits. Saturn teaches that nothing of value comes without determination and drive—we prize the things in life that we worked the hardest to achieve. Although Saturn is a tough-love teacher, demanding much with delayed gratification, what you gain with Saturn will stay with you forever.

In your career, you could see a series of lucky breaks. The seeds you plant now will likely sprout in a year, which will mark the second gestation of this trend—due to begin September 2016 and continue for a year. The finest time for your career in your forecast period could be near Thanksgiving 2015, so present your ideas to decision-makers around then. While not all of your new ideas will bear fruit, many will!

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