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Alexis Bittar Fine Jewelry

Regina Campbell

November 22, 2013


One piece and you’re dazzled. An entire array of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and suites in 18-karat gold, sterling silver, diamonds, and a swarm of semiprecious stones—and your pupils all but dance.

Introducing Alexis Bittar Fine, a collection from the jewelry designer who carved his reputation with wearable sculptures in Lucite.”A woman views fine jewelry in a different sense. More coveting,” says Bittar when asked what drew him to fine jewelry. “There’s an heirloom quality there.”

Alexis Bittar Fine
Alexis Bittar Fine

Playing to his costume roots, the kickoff collection references ’50s ‘lady’ as well as ’90s punk. Semiprecious stones-chalcedony, aquamarine, topaz, quartz—are served up in interesting ways: fine gems paired with edgier oxidized metals, sterling with diamonds, and the like. The marquis cut (broader than the elongated shape you may be used to) plays gleaming star for everything from serious suites to tennis bracelets. Yes, you read that correctly: Bittar is reviving the tennis bracelet. Make that reinventing. His interpretation of colorful inline gemstones may share a name and wear-with-everything appeal with that icon of the ’80s, but there’s nothing dated about these pieces—including the way Bittar envisions them being worn, which is in multiples, layered with bangles and everyday watches.

alexis bittar
Designer Alexis Bittar makes an appearance at NM Coral Gables.

“With the tennis bracelet, there’s still a lot left unexplored,” declares Bittar. “The iconic marquis shape in the bracelets embodies a bit of edginess, but it’s still super wearable. The tennis bracelet has immediate connotations of ’30s glam history but, when executed in different stones and finishes, has more attitude.”

Alexis Bittar
Alexis Bittar fine 18-karat yellow gold bracelets.


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