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Behind The Colorful Creatures

NM Social Team

December 9, 2015


A winking cat, a wide-eyed owl, a proud peacock and more fanciful creatures are here to brighten up the holiday season! Exclusive to Neiman Marcus, these vibrant abstract animals by Australian art studio Inaluxe bring a touch of whimsy to winter.

Before these creatures could be found across the 2015 Christmas Book and on the season’s Epicure gift tins, they were originally noticed on a postcard pinned to a cubical wall.


After catching the eye of the NM creative team and a few Google searches later, the site of artists Kristina Sostarko and Jason Odd, aka Inaluxe, was found. Quick as you can say “G’Day,” the Australian duo was on board to create the magnificent menagerie that populates this year’s NM holiday campaign.


Fast-forward to today, and they’ve inspired a range of giftwrap, tags, and bags, not to mention notepads, cocktail napkins, cookie jars, and key chains.

With a dash of unique and a pinch of memorable, these gifts and treats are essential for your winter wonderland. Because, after all, who could resist sharing some Chocolate Peppermint Bark while adorable Partridge ornaments hang from the Christmas tree?



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