Fantasy Gift 2016 Infiniti Q60 - Neiman Marcus

Fantasy Gift 2016 Infiniti Q60

Rob Brinkley

October 25, 2016


Can a car have a sun sign? If so, the Infiniti Q60 Neiman Marcus Limited Edition is one gorgeous Gemini. I have just given a glossy black-and-silver toggle switch — it’s labeled Drive Mode on the console — a flick forward. A word flashes onto the instrument panel: Sport. In that nanosecond, the car’s demeanor changes from boulevard cruiser to brute. Whoosh. More grab, more go. The pull is powerful yet smooth — a palpable rush. But just a blink before, I had been wafting along the avenue as if on a proverbial magic carpet. This, I think to myself, is too much fun.


Such are the dual personalities of the 2017 Q60 — hence its Gemini vibe. Both sides get along brilliantly. Based on Infiniti’s ultimate Red Sport 400 version of its all-new coupe, the Neiman Marcus car’s styling is sleek and sophisticated — all deep curves and sharp creases — with just a few hints that there is serious vroom under the velvet: telltale red “S” badges on its flanks and tail and gleaming red brake calipers peeking from behind its aluminum-alloy wheels. Only the knowing will know — until that 3-liter V6 engine is pressed into duty, its twin turbochargers unspooling 400 horsepower in one whirl. Along for this swift ride are some highly creative helpers. When you turn the steering wheel, your inputs are converted into electronic impulses — Infiniti calls it Direct Adaptive Steering — so that each movement is a near-instant response to your command. The suspension is also digitally enhanced, constantly adjusting to corners and road surfaces for a surer ride. The most impressive system? The Drive Mode Selector, consisting of five presets — think Standard, Sport and Sport+, plus choices for higher economy or snow — and a fully customizable mode called Personal, wherein you choose your own mix of steering, engine and suspension settings, then save it all, just for you, to be summoned at a further flick or two of that Drive Mode toggle switch. It is tremendous fun — and as bespoke as one can get on the road.

Unless, that is, you are one of the precious few to attain the Neiman Marcus Limited Edition. Only 50 are available, only in stunning Solar Mica paint, with carbon fiber trim for the fender vents, fog-light finishers, mirror caps, and rear spoiler. Inside, the well-crafted cabin boasts glorious Gallery White semi-aniline leather seats — they are deeply bolstered, inspired by racing seats —and Silver Optic Fiber for the doors, dash and console. More exclusives? A matching white leather weekender bag, complete with the car’s VIN number on a unique plaque in a special compartment inside; a satin-smooth indoor car cover with a cashmere-soft lining, tastefully marked with the Neiman Marcus logo; even a letter of authenticity. (Pretenders, take note.)



Two days behind the wheel made some strong impressions: the Q60’s subtle aura; the user-friendliness of the electronic systems (there are multiple ways, even single keys, to get to the most vital or fun functions); the view in the outside mirrors of those shapely rear fenders. But, above all is that silky-smooth power delivery, even in the two Sport modes, as docile or dramatic as you wish, determined by your right foot — and an occasional flick of that magic toggle switch on the console. Dual personalities, indeed. Or, in fashion terms, think of it as changing from black-tie to blue jeans — in an instant. And in the Infiniti Q60 Neiman Marcus Limited Edition, 50 lucky sorts are going to be doing it more stylishly than anyone else.


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