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November 19, 2015


This is the must-have accessory for the fashion-forward woman seeking relaxed yet powerful style! An NM exclusive, this Jimmy Choo Biker Boot was designed in partnership with Neiman Marcus and ELLE Magazine for the publication’s 30th anniversary.


Creative Director Sandra Choi shared her inspirations with Neiman Marcus.

What was it about creating a one-of-a-kind, exclusive fall boot for ELLE that most inspired you to take on this project?

In many ways my vision for Jimmy Choo is similar to the ELLE aesthetic. I want to create shoes that have attitude, make a woman feel empowered and push the design boundaries whilst also catering to every aspect of the modern woman’s busy lifestyle. Designing an exclusive boot for ELLE felt very exciting to me.

How do you think the biker trend fits into a style endemic of “The ELLE Look”?

The ELLE look has a certain attitude. It’s relaxed but at the same time powerful; it blends street style with high-octane fashion and speaks to the modern woman. The biker boot trend is perfectly at home with ELLE; it takes the utilitarian and translates it into a look that is bold, edgy and confident.

When did Jimmy Choo first design a moto boot, and how has the brand’s take on the style evolved?

Street style has always been a reference point for me, and I like to juxtapose street with something unexpected and luxe. This luxed-up approach continues to be at the heart of the Jimmy Choo biker boot, which we introduced in 2008. Over the years the boot has evolved in a myriad of different leathers, dimensions, finishes and even linings, such as our signature fur- and shearling-lined biker boots. Our most recent version of the biker is the Youth, a shorter version, which for 2015 comes studded with gold cubes.

Jimmy Choo is a modern hybrid: born in London, made in Italy and made famous in Hollywood. Based on these brand values, why do you think NM, ELLE and Jimmy Choo made such great partners for this project?

There is a real appreciation in the U.S for our designs and for the fact that we create shoes very much with the modern woman in mind, catering to her multifaceted lifestyle. ELLE and Neiman Marcus speak to the same woman delivering great fashion and style for the modern American lifestyle.

With hundreds of boot styles to choose from, choosing the perfect pair could make a girl’s head spin. When designing this shoe, what were some of the details you utilized to make it special?

I wanted to create a boot that merges a tough, rock ’n’ roll attitude with a softer, glamorous edge. Palladium eyelets beautifully punctuate the wrap-around straps to soften the black biker leather. It’s important to me that the customer can interpret the boot in their own way so the straps can be crisscrossed or removed completely.

When designing this shoe, what are some of the attributes that you kept in mind in terms of the wearer’s attitude, and how does her sense of empowerment play in?

As with all of our shoes, I design with the Jimmy Choo woman very much in mind. She is multifaceted, dynamic and has a strong sense of empowerment. I wanted this boot to convey that confidence and give the wearer a sense of being able to achieve anything she wants to.

Who would be your top rock ’n’ roll muse to see wearing the boots?

Kate Moss. Joséphine de la Baume.

Can you offer a few styling tips for wearing the boots?

For day I would pair the boots with a long maxi dress whilst, for evening, I would wear them with long, floaty silk pants and tailored blazer and finish off the look with our Chandra black shimmer suede evening clutch.


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