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December 6, 2016


Though I love pretty much everything about the Holiday season, from music and decorations, to parties and Holiday style, shopping for gifts is definitely my favorite thing to do! Over the years, I’ve developed a strategy when it comes to shopping for presents. First, I always start a bit early, this way, I know I have ample time to find just the perfect thing. Secondly, I think that a perfect present should be special and meaningful, which is why I always keep in mind what the person I’m shopping for loves. For example, my sister in law is a make up addict like me, so whenever she mentions some new beauty product she’d love to try, I always put it on my mental list of perfect stocking stuffers for her!


This year, like pretty much every year, I started shopping for presents early, thinking I’d need at least a month for find everything, but then I came across NM’s gift guide, which consists of 3 sections—Love to Give, Fun to Give, and Only at NM—and it was game over! I found just the perfect thing for everyone on my list, from gorgeous presents to cute stocking stuffers, and it took me exactly one day! Love that! I even picked up a little something for myself, but of course knowing me that was pretty much unavoidable!


Our best friends have an adorable French Bulldog named Bugs, and since we tend to spend Holidays together, Bugs always gets a present from us! This year, I found this cute Harry Barker (can we talk about this brand name please) bucket of cotton rope bones to keep Bugs from chewing on mommy’s shoes! So, I think everyone will be happy with this present!

Cute beauty products are my favorite stocking stuffers for friends and family, and this year I found a few really great ones! The first, is a personal must-have and a product I use all the time: The Beauty Blender! My make up game definitely improved since I started using it, and the pretty Holiday packaging is definitely an added bonus! My second find is this cute liquid lip potions set from Estee Lauder. Bold lip colors are definitely in this season, and I absolutely adore the colors in this set, especially the “Lethal Red”, which is a particularly striking shade, perfect for the Holiday season!

Comfy and stylish, I think silk pjs make a wonderful gift, especially if they happen to come in a particularly adorable polka-dot print! Oh, and the red piped trim is definitely the cherry on top!

Who doesn’t love a cute hat? Reason why I chose this particular one, is because of Fair Isle motive, the gorgeous color combo and of course that adorable pom pom! Don’t know about you guys, but I am practically obsessed with pom pom right now!

I started brushing my hair every night using a boar bristle brush around 3 months ago, and I can’t tell you what an enormous difference it made. My hair is much shinier and healthier-looking now, not to mention the fact that I noticed that my hair tends to grow longer, stronger and faster. Naturally, I think that boar bristle brushes are an absolutely must-have and a wonderful gift to give! Love this one because of the cute & stylish design, which makes it not only a practical present but a very stylish one as well!

It often happens that when I start shopping for gifts, I find something for myself. Case in point the gorgeous Fair Isle number I am sporting in today’s post! You know how much I love color, and as far as color combos go, this classic combination of red, black and white is as good as it gets. Basically, I knew this Saint Laurent sweater and I were meant to be together the moment I saw it! And yes, I totally found it in NM’s men’s section, but I got a size S and it worked quite well, I think!

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